Questions on GyanDhan Scholarship

I am yet to receive the official letter from university. However I have the acknowledgement, can I share that on the link for GD scholarship

Hi @Komal_Girish,

For the time being, you can share the acknowledgment on the application form. However, to be eligible for the scholarship, you will have to upload the unconditional offer letter from the university before the scholarship deadline (31st August 2021).

Is it mandatory to take a loan for my master’s education? I do not intend to take a loan for this course, so should I tick “No” in the question “Is your loan application going on with GyanDhan?”?

Where in the form should we mention this?

Hi @anonymous7,

The letter of recommendation has to be on official letterhead. The LOR has to be uploaded along with the application. The recommender should not send the same through email.

Hope this clears the doubts. All the best!

Hi @Antara_Mandal,

It is not mandatory to take a loan. However, if you do intend to take a loan, the application for the same should go through GyanDhan.

You will be eligible for the scholarship even if you do not require financial assistance.

Hope this helps. All the best!

If the recommender is sending the letter of recommendation through the registered email address of the institute/company to how are the letter send through email and the scholarship application correlated? Should the applicant mention in the application in step 2 in the section of LOR in a word/pdf format that a letter has been send to by the recommender?

Hi @anonymous7,

The letter of recommendation has to be uploaded along with the application. You do not have to send the letter separately to us.

If you send the letter to us directly, it might get lost. Please attach it with the scholarship application.

Hope this helps. All the best!

I am Suman Muralidharan, and have completed the second and final step of the GD scholarship. I would like to know the status of my scholarship application and when I can expect the results to come.

Hi @Suman_Muralidharan,

The status of your scholarship application will be available on the dashboard of your GyanDhan account. The scholarship deadline is 31st August 2021. So, the decision will be announced some time after this date.

Hope this helps. All the best!


I am a Final year PhD student at Yamaguchi University School of Medicine. I would like to know answers for some of the queries:

  1. I am already in the middle of the course and if I do not hold the scholarship for any semester by the foreign country, Am I eligible to get help from the GyanDhan scholarship?

  2. Why do I required to fill out for the GSAT/GMAT score or TOEFL score if I have successfully qualified for the Japan University entrance examinations? I have not been asked for any such score.