Questions on GyanDhan Scholarship


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GyanDhan Scholarship:

Can i get a scholarship for studying Logistics and supply chain management in canada Pg diploma course 2 years?

The letter of recommendation should be from?

Yes, any two year program is eligible. You can apply for the scholarship.

@Pradhyumn_Kokane It can be from anyone with who you have worked in the past be it professor, manager, colleague or client. LOR is optional for this scholarship.

Which scholarahip is suitable for me? And how can i apply for scholarship? I dont know any further details about scholarship.

You can apply for this scholarhsip:

The google form for second step asks for a letter of recommendation and it is to be uploaded by the candidate themselves. However, this would be slightly unfair to the professor/manager who is recommending us. They would not be able to write freely considering that the student will be able to read the recommendation letter and they might be uncomfortable sharing the letter with the student.

To this end, I wanted to request if the recommendation can be uploaded/emailed directly by the recommender rather than the student acting as a middleman. This would also enable the recommender to give an unbiased opinion.

Thanks a lot for bringing this up, we will make the following change in the process:

  • Either you upload it on the google form or can get it to send on
  • The subject should clearly mention "Letter of Recommendation for “Email ID of the student”
  • Please use the same email id with which you filled the scholarship form.

Is the scholarship valid for 1 year masters since masters in UK are generally for 1 year only?

I have already submitted my application. Will it be considered?

@paulsoumyajit97 Unfortunately, it’s only for two-year postgraduate courses.

Is the scholarship guaranteed? :smiley:

Hi Priya,
The scholarship is not guaranteed. It is merit-based and you will have to submit an application for it.