I have received admits in both unis for Fall 2021 but I am confused over which one to choose. Overall, I heard UB SUNY is better than UIC. But the course duration in UB SUNY is only 1 year and I do not have any prior work experience. Also, to give some background about myself, I am going to finish my undergrad in CS this year. So, I have no prior knowledge of business or management, how will that affect my time at the uni and job opportunities later on?

Hi @amulya_nittala,

I believe this thread will answer your question -

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There are a lot of factors to consider -
UIC Chicago has a more tech-based curriculum whereas the curriculum of Suny Buffalo also inculcates management with technology.
Your concern about internships and jobs is quite valid if you go to Suny Buffalo. The shorter duration of the course might pose problems. Also, UIC ranks better in terms of employment probability and starting salary. So it is likely that UIC will provide a great start to your career.
The next concern about expenses, there is no way around it except taking an education loan and managing your finances. If you decide on UIC, the loan amount will increase. However, with a longer course period, you will have time to find internships and jobs. Some of the recruiters for UIC are Digital Mark Group, PwC, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas (Source - GyanDhan’s University Compare tool).
Both colleges have pros and cons. But you should go to a college with a curriculum that suits your professional needs.

The UB Suny’s MS in MIS program qualifies as a STEM-Designated program, therefore, you will be eligible for a 3 year OPT. You might not have enough time to get around the internships or jobs during your program, but you will have time to work on your professional growth during the OPT.

As for your concern regarding the job opportunities, I understand you may be apprehensive about entering a domain that is pretty unknown to you. However, the program will equip you with the knowledge you need to land a good job. MIS is an organization-centric course and will help you use information efficiently and effectively to improve company operations.
In CS, you create the software to create the database system to be used by a business. In MIS, instead of creating the software, you will design/create the database system to be used by a business. Your program will include a course on business to make you understand how business functions, so you don’t have to worry about prior knowledge about management or business.

Most students opt for an MS in CS after undergrad in CS to pursue a career in coding. By choosing MIS, you are moving towards the managerial or business-side of information technology. Both, in CS and MIS, you are using logic to work through things, only the domain is different.

You can also use GyanDhan University Compare tool to get more stats about the course and the college. It will surely help you make a decision.
I hope this answer helps you. For any further queries, do post on this thread. I’d be happy to help.

Yes, I have gone through this but I want to know how the degree will help me because I do not have work experience.
As for job opportunities, UB is close to New York so that is a good thing right? Or does UIC really have better job probabilities(for freshers at least).