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Weeks spent studying the requirements, working out all the kinks, scouring the internet to solve your doubts and it all boils down to your interviewer telling you this - “Your visa has been approved!”

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what documents are required to show for F1 visa interview?

The list of documents required for your F1 visa interview -

  1. Copy of your interview appointment letter
  2. Original I-20
  3. DS-160, Confirmation Barcode printout
  4. Original Visa fee receipt
  5. SEVIS fee receipt
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Passport

Some other documents that you should carry with you -

  • All your original academic documents
  • Financial documents such as original proof of financial resources, original bank statements of the sponsor, proof of all liquid assets, etc.
  • Documents related to scholarship or financial aid received

F1 visa Question : I have taken a education loan from SBI to cover 90% of my total expenses in US for 2 years. If I have only the remaining 10% in my bank statement to show in visa interview to the visa officer. Will that be sufficient for the funding?

Could you please elaborate about applying for the F1 visa from a different country as a third country national? What are the risks? Would I still have the same chances of getting the visa as if I applied from my home country provided I have all the documents?

Visa Question: Can I apply for a visa to multiple countries at the same time, say to US and Canada?

My visa interview date was in October 2020, but I received an email today stating that my appointment was cancelled. I plan to go to US in Dec 2020. Should I apply for an emergency visa appointment or should I wait for new appointment dates to open up?

Visa Question: During the interview, if i am asked “How many universities did you apply to?”: I applied to 12 universities in total (8 in US, 1 in Canada, 1 in UK and 2 in Singapore). Does that raise any red flags?
PS: I got into 9 of those 12 universities including 2 ivy league universities)

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I received a rejection for B2 tourist visa for USA in 2008.(No reason mentioned on the slip)
What are the chances that this might impact my probability of getting a F1 visa issued?
Thanks a lot for your time and consideration!!

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When can we expect the Indian consulate to open up for regular appointments, since the consulate has cancelled the visa appointments which they had earlier opened up for the month of October?

What are some of the accepted answers that a vvisa officer might accept when a F1 student explains about ties with respect to his origin?

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How should I approach questions, when I already have a master’s degree, which I pursued due to having 15 years of educational background so as to be eligible to apply to US schools.

There are new questions asked post-COVID by VO regarding resume, and also some technical questions like what is ohms law? Why is that so?

The regular visa booked for OCT 2020 is canceled now. Why?

Will the embassy open routine services for SPRING 2021?

How much money should we show during VISA 1.5 I-20 or 2 I-20 amount?

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Can you plzz tell when should we apply for visa if i am going for spring 2021

Does work experience count on making a decision?

I am going to be in a different country for an internship for 3 months. Is that a valid reason to be applying as a third country national? Would it matter if I return to India before I go to the US to start graduate school or directly go to the US from the country I am interning at?

I applied earlier for an emergency appointment. However there was no reply for a long time. The request was accepted recently and I have dates available the next week. However, I had to defer my admission to Spring 2021. I applied for the emergency request for the Fall 2020. But I can’t attend this semester because of funding issues with the University. What should I do with this emergency appointment?

What are some accepted answers to “What are you plans after graduation in US?”. Will it be a problem if I say I want to stay back in US to work for a few years.

If my elder brother is working in USA on H1B, does it affect the chances ?

can we just say I haven’t planned my future yet , like just finish my four year course and then plan what to do . Is that an acceptable answer ?If not can we just leave it at hinting that since my parents are here , I would like to come back .or should we mention that we would like to learn the knowledge in the US and come back and do jobs here . (for the "should we mention that we would like to learn the knowledge in the US and come back and do jobs here " i am worried since if i would like to ask for a visa for maybe Masters , will it affect the interview)