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There is an upward trend in the number of students opting to study abroad. According to the Indian Ministry of Education, there was a 68% increase in the number of students who went abroad in 2022. Studying abroad has always been an attractive proposition but one thing that remains a challenge is the cost of studying. Scholarships to study abroad can provide substantial financial support but there are a lot of myths that surround scholarships, do not get overwhelmed by them, be familiar with the tips to increase your chances of getting scholarships.

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hello sir/mam,
i want to do msc in plant breeding and genetics from agriculture field in abroad with scholarship…i am 2nd year student from JNKVV, jabalpur (agriculture university) Madhya Pradesh. Kindly guide me about the various exams, scholarships, universities (outside India) with least cost…Thanking You.

Hi Soumya,

Eligibility criteria for your target course -

  • English Proficiency test - TOEFL or IELTS or PTE
  • CV / Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Bachelor’s degree

These are the general requirements. The requirements also depend on the university/country you target. You will have to check the university’s department website.

Some of the best universities to pursue MS in Agriculture are in the USA, Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. You can also target Australia and Canada.

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands, and the University of California, USA are the top universities for Masters in Agriculture. Some more universities that you can explore are as follows -

  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
  • Ontario Agriculture College, Canada
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Gottingen, Germany
  • University of Hohenheim, Germany
  • The University of Queensland, Australia
  • Ghent University, Belgium

Scholarships -
Universities generally have scholarships and financial aid for international students. You will have to check the university website for the information. Besides that, there are a few scholarships that are given by private organizations in India as well as abroad.
A few in India are -

GyanDhan also gives scholarships for abroad studies. Read about it here.

For country-specific scholarships, do check out our blogs. We have covered scholarships for countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, and some European countries as well.
The cost will vary depending on the country. However, annual expenditure (tuition fees and living expenses) can range from INR 16 lakhs to INR 22 lakhs.

Since you have not decided on the country you are targeting, I could not provide specific information. If you can let me know your target country, I can provide more specific information.
I hope this helps!
If you have any more doubts, do post them on this thread.

Hello ma’am, I’ve just completed my graduation in Bachelor in Ayurved, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), I am towards the end of my internship right now & wish to enroll for masters in public health in United States, also I am looking for scholarship in various universities, Can you please help me out with the guidance of suggesting the universities, the fee structure & the admission process, it will be of great help.

Hi @Samiksha_Rushiya,

I’m listing some of the most-sought-after US universities/colleges for Masters in Public Health (in no particular order) -

  1. Emory University (Private college)
  2. University of Illinois - Chicago (public)
  3. Tulane University (private)
  4. John Hopkins University (private)
  5. Harvard University (private)
  6. University of Washington (public)
  7. Drexel University (private)
  8. New York University (private)
  9. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (public)
  10. Columbia University (private)
  11. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (public)

The fee structure of the universities will vary depending on the type of university you choose - public university or private university. To give you a rough idea, I’m mentioning the fees charged from international students from some of the colleges -

  • Emory University - $20,700 (4 semesters)
  • University of Illinois Chicago - $8,249 to $12,369 per semester
  • John Hopkins University - has multiple courses and degrees under the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The fee for the Master of Science in Public Health is $71,820 for an 11-month program.

Scholarships -
Most universities mentioned above have internal scholarships and offer financial aid to international students based on merit. Some colleges like UIC also have Assistantships and Fellowships where some part of the tuition fee is also waived off.
Additionally, you should apply for scholarships given by external organizations such as the ones I have mentioned in the above answer - KC Mahindra Scholarship and JN Tata Endowment Scholarship.
You can refer to this blog for more general scholarships. The blog contains some common scholarships that you can explore and also, some useful tips on securing scholarships.

You should also apply for the GyanDhan scholarship. Read about it here.
Apply for as many scholarships as you can to increase your chances of winning one.

I do recommend you to get in touch with a counselor since your target course is a little different from the type of applicants we get generally. We work with many counselors, who offer one free session wherein they will discuss the admission process and other details. Fill in the query form here and someone from our team will get in touch with you for the free session.

I hope this answer helps you! If you have any further doubts or want to know anything else, do reply to this thread.

Hi mam,
i am continuing my graduation in english language,i am looking forward to continue my post graduation in any foreign university,i am also continuing my preparation for ielts and toefl but i am really confused with different requirements and cost stuff of different universities because my budget is too low,so please kindly guide me for some fellowship or scholarship information of my masters in english language.
Thank you

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Hi @Atmaja_dey,

Since you have not mentioned your target country, it would be difficult to give a specific answer. However, I am taking 3 countries - US, UK, and Canada - to give you a general idea regarding your MA in English from an abroad university.

Top universities for MA in English

  1. University of California, Berkeley -
  2. University of Chicago
  3. University of Virginia
  4. Northwestern University

You can expect the tuition fees to be near about US$ 31,000 per year. This is an estimated figure and does not include living expenses.

Top Canadian Universities for MA in English

  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of Ottawa
  3. Simon Fraser University
  4. McGill University
  5. University of Waterloo

The average tuition fee is CAD 25,000 to CAD 35,000 per year.

Top universities in the UK for an MA in English

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of London
  3. University of Durham
  4. University of Birmingham
  5. University of Cambridge

The average tuition fee is GBP 25,000 to GBP 30,000 per year.

The general requirement for the course is a Bachelor’s Degree with either a First division or a strong upper Second Division. TOEFL and IELTS are also a requirement as the course is language intensive and requires proficiency in English. The cut-off for the same is varied depending on the college/university.

Each university that I have mentioned offers internal scholarships to international students. There are also fellowships available in the form of Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, etc.

I am also listing some external scholarships that you can research about -

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships
  2. Inlaks Scholarship
  3. National Overseas Scholarship Scheme by the Indian Government
  4. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
  5. KC Mahindra Postgraduate Scholarships
  6. JN Tata Endowment Scholarships
  7. GyanDhan Postgraduate Scholarship
  8. Chevening Scholarships
  9. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  10. Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  11. Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarships

The scholarships mentioned here have different eligibility criteria. Make sure you fulfill the criteria before applying the same. You can apply for as many scholarships to increase your chances of winning one. However, I should remind you that some scholarships do not allow the student to hold any other grant or aid.

I would suggest you to narrow down your search by first finalizing on a country. After which you can list down your target colleges. Each college/university offers merit-based scholarships or need-based financial aid. There are also partial or full tuition fee waivers in the case of an excellent student profile. However, it might be dificult to cover the entire cost of education with the help of scholarships or grants. You might have to apply for an education loan. To check whether you’d need an education loan, make a schedule of expenses and check whether the scholarship amount will cover these expenses or not.
If you do require an education loan, you can cehck your eligibility on our website. Our executive will contact you and guide you on the loans.

I hope this answer helps you. If you have any further doubts, do reply on this thread.

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Hello ma’am. I am currently studying Bachelor’s in Mass media in 3rd year. I want to pursue Masters in Archaelogy in abroad. My priorities are Cambridge University, Harvard University. My target countries are UK, Canada and Australia. I am looking forward for full scholarship. Kindly let me know if I am eligible for this course with my degree. And also what are the details regarding scholarships and how and when can I apply?
Thank you.

Hi @Riya_Doshi,

Cambridge University offers MPhil in Archaeology. You’d require a Bachelor’s degree in Arts / Science / Commerce from a well-ranked university with an overall grade of 75% or CGPA of 8.0+. If you are pursuing a professional course, then it should be of 4 years. The annual fee is £41,461. The applications are open for the Fall 2021 session. You can apply right now if you wish to enroll in the course for the next year.
The college offers Gates Cambridge scholarship, for which you can apply separately. You will need to submit the details of a referee who can provide a character reference.

Harvard University only offers a Ph.D. in Archaeology. As a substitute to Archaeology, the university offers Masters in Anthropology.

UK -
Top universities for Archaeology

  1. University of Oxford - offers MSc in Archaeology, Masters in Classical Archaeology.
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Durham University - offers MA Archaeology, MA in the Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects, MSc Bioarchaeology.
  4. University of York - offers various courses in the field of Archaeology.
  5. University of Edinburg - offers various courses in the field of Archaeology.

Canada -
Top universities -

  1. University of Calgary
  2. University of Saskatchewan
  3. University of Lethbridge
  4. Simon Fraser university
    All universities offer MA in Archaeology.

Australia -
Top universities -

  1. Australian National University
  2. La Trobe University
  3. Flinders University

Each university mentioned above requires a Bachelor’s degree. The specific requirement of CGPA and percentage will have to be checked on the individual department website. You will also have to take TOEFL/IELTS. Colleges do have a cut-off for these tests, so make sure you get a good score.

Scholarships -
There are two types of scholarships that you can apply for - internal scholarships and external scholarships.
Internal scholarships will be offered by the university. They are mostly merit-based and offer partial or full tuition waiver. Since these are merit-based, your academic records should be outstanding. Some internal scholarships require separate application like Gates Cambridge scholarship. And for some scholarships, you will be automatically considered when you apply for the course.

External scholarships are offered by external organizations, which can be private organizations or provided by the government. You will need to apply for the scholarship with a separate application. Applications for most scholarships open a year before the session date. Some scholarships even have 8 to 9 months of vetting process. I would advise you research about the application date for the scholarship along with the application date for the universites. Since you haven’t mentioned the year you are targeting, I can only provide an estimate date for applying for the scholarships.

The list of scholarships you can apply for -

  1. Inlaks Schoalrship - covers full tuition fees, adequate living expenses and one-way travel allowance and health allowance. However, the scholarship amount will not excced USD 100,000.
  2. KC Mahindra Postgraduate Scholarships - Maximum scholarship amount in INR 8 lakhs. Applications will open in late January 2021 for the academic year starting from August 2021.
  3. JN Tata Endowment Scholarships - these are loan-scholarships and do not cover the full cost of studies.
  4. GyanDhan Postgraduate scholarship - for a two-year postgraduate course. It does not cover the full cost of studies.
  5. Chevening Scholarships - Application for 2021/2022 are open till 3rd November 2020. It is fully-funded scholarship to pursue a one-year masters degree in the UK at any university.
  6. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  7. Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  8. Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP) - applications have closed. Funded by the Australian govt., it covers tuition fees and health insurance for up to three years.
  9. Endeavour Awards - awarded by the Australian govt.

Each scholarship has deffirent eligibility criteria. Before you apply for the scholarships, make sure you are eligibile. To increase your chances of winning a scholarship, apply for as many scholarships as you can.
I am also linking some blogs, which might be helpful -

You can also find more scholarships on GyanDhan’s Scholarship Finder.

I hope this answer helps you. If you have any further questions, do post them on this thread.
All the best!

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I have applied for Masters in Public Health. Will I be eligible for the mentioned scholarships?

Hello ma’m,

I’m final year DENTAL student, i want to take do my MDS in out of country, please guide me about this stuff best collage, criteria & eligibility for particular scholarship fund

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello sir/mam

I have completed my graduation in B.E.(Information Technology) in 2019 with a one year gap. I have done 1 internship in 3rd year. I am looking forward to do MS in Computer Science in the USA. Can you guide me which are the universities are good for CS?

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hello prachi if u got the answer of this please inform me also

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If I got the answer I will let you know.

Hi @Parmar_Neha_44,

Since you have not mentioned your target country, I am listing top colleges for MDS in the USA, Canada, and the UK.


  1. University of California, SanFrancisco
  2. Harvard University
  3. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  4. New York university
  5. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  6. University of Pennsylvania

Canada -

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. University of Toronto
  3. University of Alberta
  4. McGill University
  5. University of Manitoba

UK -

  1. King’s College London
  2. Queen Mary University of London
  3. University of Birmingham
  4. University College London

Other top colleges for MDS -

  1. Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam - Netherlands
  2. University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong
  3. Tokyo Medical and Dental University - Japan
  4. University of Gothenburg - Sweden
  5. Karolinska Institute - Sweden
  6. University of Bern - Switzerland
  7. University of Melbourne - Australia
  8. University of Adelaide - Australia
  9. University of Otago - New Zealand

Each college has different eligibility criteria for international students. Since you have acquired your BDS from India, you will have to provide additional documents evaluating your academic credentials by an approved agency. The other requirements are TOEFL/IELTS.

Some of the scholarships that you can apply for have been mentioned in this thread. I will list them again here. These are general scholarships. If you provide me with your target college and country, I can give a more comprehensive list of scholarships as most colleges provide financial aid to international students. These scholarships are merit-based, so you’d need an outstanding academic profile.

  1. British Chevening Scholarships 2021 - fully-funded scholarships
  2. New Zealand Excellence awards - the value of this scholarship is NZ 5,000.
  3. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships - covers full tuition fees
  4. Fulbright Scholarships - fully-funded
  5. Inlakhs scholarship - covers full tuition fees, adequate living expenses and one-way travel allowance and health allowance. However, the scholarship amount will not excced USD 100,000.
  6. KC Mahindra Postgraduate Scholarships - Maximum scholarship amount in INR 8 lakhs.
  7. JN Tata Endowment Scholarships - these are loan-scholarships and do not cover the full cost of studies.
  8. GyanDhan Postgraduate scholarship - for a two-year postgraduate course. It does not cover the full cost of studies.
  9. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  10. Ontario Graduate scholarships

Each scholarship has a different eligibility criteria. Do make sure that you are eligible for the scholarship before you apply. You can increase your chances of winning a scholarship by applying for as many scholarships as you can.

I hope this answer helps you. If you have any further doubts, do post them on this thread.

Hi @prachi24,

Colleges with good CS program -

  1. University of California, Los Angeles
  2. University of Maryland, College Park
  3. University of Pennsylvania
  4. Purdue University, West Lafayette
  5. Rice University
  6. Brown University
  7. Duke University
  8. John Hopkins University
  9. Northwestern university
  10. Ohio State University
  11. Pennsylvania State University, University Park
  12. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  13. University of Chicago
  14. University of Virginia
  15. Arizona State University

These universities rank in the list of top 50 Best Computer Science Program Schools. You can read about these universities here -

However, I will advise you to use GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor to shortlist the universities according to your eligibility. To get admission, you will be required to sit for exams such as GRE, TOEFL/IELTS. The Admit Predictor will take into account these factors and give you a list of colleges according to the possibility of admission. The Predictor tool will also guide you and give you tips to improve your chances of admission.

As an example, I am attaching a result I got after assuming some details -

I hope this answer helps you. If you have any further queries, do drop them in this thread.

Hi @Mr_Symbol,

I have answered Prachi’s query. I hope it helps you too.
If you have any further queries, do post them on this thread.

All the best!

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I am CA Final student . I cleared Inter and completed my Articleship. I am also a graduate in B.Com. I want to do UG or masters in Psychology from USA or UK. I being a graduate in Commerce it is going to be difficult. I am also 26 years old. Can you guide as to criteria, eligibility, scholorships and all. Can I do psychology despite being 26 years old and a commerce graduate?

I would like to pursue MA in Sociology, either in Europe or Canada. I have a gap of one year, and I have no work experience. I was wondering what your top recommendations of colleges would be considering these aspects. I would also like to know all the scholarships available for this degree. Thank you so much!

Hi @Charutha_Varier_J,

You can definitely pursue Psychology from USA or UK. Getting into undergraduate course would be easier as the requirements are not Psychology-centered. To get into Masters, you’d need to do some extra work and put in extra hours to complete prerequisites.

For example, the University of Michigan Ann- Arbor requires students with a different background to take some prerequisite course before applying for the graduate program. Common prerequisites needed for admission are - Statistics, Experimental methods, Abnormal Psychology, Child Development, Personality psychology.
You’d also have to take the GRE Psychology and the Psychology subject test.

Similarly, universities in the UK require an undergraduate degree related to the field of Psychology to get into graduate programs.

Most graduate programs offered in Psychology are research-oriented and demand some foundational knowledge to get admission. Moreover, many universities directly offer Ph.D. in Psychology and you can get a Masters degree while completing your Ph.D.
Look for undergraduate programs as it will be easier to get into.

There are many scholarships for students who want to study graduate programs in the USA or the UK, as I have listed in this thread. For scholarships for undergraduate courses, I’d recommend you check out the websites of the universities you are going to target as many universities offer financial assistance to international students. Undergraduate scholarships are mostly college-specific, that is awarded by the college.

Rest, I’d keep searching for any more undergraduate scholarships and update on this thread.
I hope this answer helped you with your doubt. You can also avail of a free admission counseling session to get more details from a counselor -->

All the best!