Questions on GyanDhan Scholarship

I was offered conditional offer letter from the university from UK. Though, I believe I have fulfilled their condition but still have not received the unconditional offer. Also, there is no requirement for the GRE for my course and for proof for English language proficiency I have given PTE Academics. Kindly consider that while processing my application for scholarship.

Hi @Yatin_Singhal,

Thank you for informing us. The application for the scholarship can be submitted even if you are in the middle of the admission process. So you don’t have to worry about the conditional offer letter. We will take into consideration other test requirements.
All the best!

I’m willing to do my PhD in The University of Hong Kong, is gyandhan scholarship applicable for Hong Kong?

Hi @Vidhya_Shree,

I’m sorry, Hong Kong is not an eligible country. Only students applying for 2-year postgraduate studies in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand & Germany are eligible for the scholarship.

Is the GD scholarship this year with September 30th deadline applicable for students joining this Fall 2020??
My admission to the US unversity for my master program has been deferred to Fall 2021, so should I be applying for the scholarship this year or next year?

Hi @Shrinidhi_Parthasara,

Since your admission has been deferred to Fall 2021, you should apply for the scholarship next year.

I came across this statement “One of the eligibility criteria of this scholarship is to have a loan sanctioned via GyanDhan” , What if I already have a loan sanctioned ?
Its possible to apply for the scholarship right ?

Hi @danusuya_amirthavall,

Sorry, if your loan is not sanctioned via GyanDhan, you won’t be eligible for the scholarship. To be eligible, you can transfer the loan process if you have taken the loan from our partner lenders. May I know the name of the lender?


I have obtained a gold loan from IOB bank in Coimbatore (Big bazaar branch), Tamil Nadu.

Thank you,

Hi @danusuya_amirthavall,

Unfortunately, we do not work with IOB.
I would also suggest you apply for an education loan with us instead of taking a Gold Loan. There are several benefits of an education loan such as tax benefits, lower interest rates, refundable or nil processing fees, etc. We work with PSUs and can help you get an education loan. We do not charge anything for our services.
If you wish to apply for an education loan with us, you can check your loan eligibility on our website. GyanDhan > Loans > Check loan eligibility. You will get an instant quote and our executive will contact you to take the process forward.

Hope this helps you. All the best!