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Get real-time information about McGill University from seniors who have gone through the whole process.

This webinar session will be hosted by Heena Chhatlani, who is currently pursuing her MBA (dual Concentration in Global Strategy & Leadership and Business Analytics) at McGill University. She will volunteer an hour of her time to answer your queries. Before McGill, Heena completed her BE in Information Technology from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai, and has worked for companies such as Accenture Mumbai and UK; Wipro; and Capgemini. During her MBA, Heena co-founded SmartSave (Tool to help residential electricity customers save electricity during peak consumption hours). During her MBA, she secured an internship offer with IBM Toronto as Extreme Blue Business Intern - Product Manager.

Here is how the Senior AMA works:

  1. Ask Qs now: You can start asking your questions right away right here.
  2. Answers via video: On Friday, September 13th, at 5 PM, Heena will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.
  3. Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe Heena’s answers and post them in response to your questions on this page.

Hi there,
I am a working professional and thinking of pursuing MBA to give a boost to my career. How beneficial do you think the professional part-time MBA program would be? What are its advantages over the full time MBA programme for a candidate like me? How your program Global Strategy & Leadership and Business Analytics (MBA) different from regular MBA?

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How is the faculty of McGill University, especially for management courses? and how the McGill MBA is better compared to its peers?

Hi Heena,
First of all, thanks a lot for taking out time from your busy schedule!
Firstly, I wanted to know whether it is advisable for international students to attend a tier 2 Canadian B-school considering the smaller Canadian job market and limited opportunities for internationals.
Secondly, How much average GMAT score is required by the top 5-6 Canadian schools for them to consider our profile for their programs. Would a score of around 650 suffice for someone who has 3-4 years of experience?


What are the admission tests should one take to be eligible particularly for the programme and Global Strategy & Leadership and Business Analytics program you are pursuing? I mean which is preferable GRE or GMAT?

How can I secure internships in TOP companies while doing my MBA in Canada?

Thanks for this session Heena…
I have heard that McGill University has no winter or summer admission for MBA programme…is it true?

I am confused whether to pursue a PhD in Management on completing my MBA. I am interested both in academics as well as working in the industry. Can you give me some clarity as to which career path one should choose in such a situation?

Thanks for your input Heena…

How many years of work experience is needed to be for MBA in Canadian universities? Is it equivalent to US and Europe?

I have very little or negligible work experience. However, my academic history is good…what should be approach so as to increase my chances of getting an admission to an MBA in Canada? preferably McGill?

Thank you so much for the rspsone…
I have a follow-up question…
Also, What are the kinds of questions asked in the admission interviews for MBA? Please give some hacks to crack the interviews

Hey… joined the session late… missed most of the part. If already answered
Could you please share some profile building tips to get admissions in an MBA programme especially abroad?

My GMAT is 690. My IELTS score is 7.5, my undergrad GPA is 7.68. Any chances in MBA McGill?

Posting the questions on attendees behalf…
I had an interview with professor few weeks back and he has confirmed that he is going to accept me as his grad student and will approve my request soon. How likely it is that i’ll get admit.

Posting it on attendees behalf…
what should be IELTS score to join in the McGill University for Ms in civil engineering stream?

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Is the accommodation provided by the university?

Posting it on attendees behalf…
What are the chances for student to get selected with 3+ experience in same profile?

Posting it on attendees behalf…
How professor are supporting students to perform tough projects?