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Ds-160 not submitted, visa payment made. sevis fee not paid. Can i change the university?

Hi @Amulya_B,

Yes, you can change the university. Fill in the DS-160 with the correct university and submit it. You need to update the information on the CGI Federal website as you have already made the visa appointment and paid for it. Then, update the DS-160 confirmation number and SEVIS ID.

Refer to this thread where I have answered the same query -

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Hi, I have submitted my DS160, paid visa fee and scheduled interview, but sevis fee is not paid, I am aware that new ds160 should be submitted for different university, but when i go to CGI Federal website to update data, its allowing me to update my DS160 confirmation number only, iam not able to update my sevis ID, can you guide me on how i can Change my sevis id in CGI website

Hi, I have query regarding the change in Visa appointment. I did schedule my visa appointment with college A but didn’t pay the SEVIS fee yet, what should I do change the college to B. Will it create any problem. Thanks in advance.

Hi @prajwal_chandra_r

Pay the SEVIS fee and then try to change the SEVIS ID on the CGI Federal Website.
Please do let me know if this works!

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Hi, I don’t find an option to change the sevis id on the CGI federal website. I could only see an option for Ds-160 confirmation no.


Once you change the DS-160, you will get the option to change the SEVIS ID as well.
If you are unable to find the same, please post here. I will find an alternate way for you.

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hi @vishakha.bhagia
even then i am not able to see option to update sevis id


Pay the SEVIS fee and then try to change the SEVIS ID.
Please do let me know if this works.

Am filling DS 160 and problem is with my current employment. My current job is remote job and company is in California we had temporary office in co working place before covid. Though it’s remote job & i work as full
Time employee, i have contract
With company. As per company contract for legal purposes, it states - “no employee- employer relationship” My pay checks have address of US office. So what should i add in employer address ?? Will it be a problem if i add US address. Will that red flagged during interview ? Or i should completely avoid the employer/ and write working as freelance ?(which actually am not very keen about)
How to tackle this situation?
( Also for i20 i had taken education loan as it’s on my name, so in i20 it’s written funding as personal )

Hi @rushi_butley

Apologies for the delayed response.
To answer your question, do not mention anything about your employment in the US, even if it is a remote job. It can create issues with the visa. Better to write it as a freelance job and nothing more about it.

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Hi All,
I have booked a slot for f1 visa, paid the sevis fee and filled the DS160 Form. But I have got a better college now, how can I update the details in visa slot booking website, please advise.
I understand that we can transfer the sevis fee to new college, and create a new DS160 form, but how do I update the details in visa slot website of new sevis and ds160 form?


There are a few steps to change the university once you have created the new DS-160. Fill in the SEVIS number of the new university, and submit it.

Since you have already booked the visa slot - log in to your CGI Federal website account. Change the DS-160 and the SEVIS number. There is no need to pay the visa fee again as you have not attended the interview yet.
If, for whatever reason, you are unable to update the DS-160 or SEVIS number, then take both old and new DS confirmation pages with you for the interview. Let the officials know about the change and they will update it before the interview.

Hope this helps!

Hi Vishaka,
Can you please tell if visa is not approved within a year after SEVIS payment, student have to pay again?

I got admitted to University A which was my first choice based on available admits for the fall. I got my VISA also approved and my classes start in 2 weeks. All I need to do is travel. But last week, I got an admit confirmation from University B which start their application process late and I got my decision a few days ago and their classes start in Jan end. What are my options now as I wish to attend University B? Please advise.

Hi @Sidra_Rasheed

The payment of the SEVIS fee in the SEVIS database is valid for only 12 months. After that, you will have to make the payment again. To know if your SEVIS fee is valid or not, contact the designated school official or the responsible officer.

Hope this helps. All the best!

Hi @Aman_Sachan

Changing the university after getting your visa approved is a little tricky. To initiate the process, follow these steps -

  1. Get the I-20 from the new university
  2. Transfer the SEVIS fee. The fmjfee website is used to pay the I-901 fee. Go onto the website and fill in the required details for payment status. If there is a valid record of your 1-901 fee, you will see the transfer button. Just need to click on it. You will be prompted to fill the SEVIS ID of the new university. Enter the correct details. You will receive an email for the transfer request. A second email will either confirm your transfer or deny it. If the transfer is approved, print the new details for later use. In case the request is rejected, the email will have an explanation.
  3. Fill and submit a new DS-160 with the details of the second university.
  4. Pay the visa fees once again.
  5. Schedule and attend the OFC and visa interview appointment a second time.

Follow these steps and sit for the interview again. I hope this helps you. If you face any problem, post on this thread and I will get back to you. All the best!

Thank you so much for the response. I have got the visa stamped from University A but not planning to joining it as got an offer from University B and planning to join B.

Can I still transfer the SEVIS fee? I guess now also I need to go for a VISA interview again? Please advise.


Yes, you can transfer the SEVIS fee. Please follow the steps mentioned in Point 2 to transfer your SEVIS. However, you will have to go for the Visa interview again - make the appointment again, pay the visa fees, and sit for the interview the second time.