I am really struggeling right nnow!

I’m in my second year of a computer science degree but failing calculus repeatedly has forced me back to pre-calculus. Despite having a weak algebra background, I’ve been coding for 7 years in various languages and I’m good at it. I’ve heard that not all successful software developers have computer science degrees, which has me thinking about other paths like project management. I’m smart and love solving complex problems, but I’m stuck because I can’t seem to showcase my abilities to potential employers. My part-time job at a boba shop isn’t enough, and my parents are getting frustrated with my academic performance and lack of a steady job. I’m passionate about programming, have even developed games using Unity3D for my resume, and am considering continuing a new PC game project. I’m also doing some real estate on the side. I’m open to starting at an entry-level position in a tech company where I can learn and grow. I just need some advice on how to move forward, maybe from someone who’s been in my shoes,

thanks for listening!

Consider studying IT or MIS. You’re sure to find your niche with how quickly you pick up on tech.

It sounds like you’re in a tough spot. I’m surprised to hear you’re good at solving leetcode problems (assuming you are) but struggle with calculus. Many CS students at my school switched to IT to avoid math but stayed in tech, which might be a good move for you. Consider aiming for a master’s in CS later on. Honestly, calculus isn’t too hard with a bit of effort and time.

But remember, for most jobs, especially entry-level, a degree is crucial. If money is tight, maybe try delivery driving since it offers flexible hours.

Have you struggled with precalc three times, or did you start with calc 2, didn’t pass, moved down to calc 1, struggled there too, and now you’re trying precalc? Math is a subject where each concept builds on the previous one, and if you don’t have a strong base, it can be really challenging. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get better at it. Have you really used all the help you could get, like going to office hours, getting a tutor, or other resources? If you haven’t tried these options, I’d suggest giving it another go.

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