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Published date: 22 Apr 2020 Updated on: 22 Apr 2020 Indian students spend around INR 45,000 crore each year on foreign education because as India Today puts it “there is much left to be desired in terms of quality of most higher educational institutes” here. As the number of students studying abroad rises, so does the volume of abroad education consultants. Why are more and more students choosing overseas education consultants? Because they offer valuable professional guidance on which country and college to select for your higher studies. A consultant also acts as a student visa counsellor, takes care of travelling arrangements, handles the transfer of fees and much more. Planning to study abroad is an elaborate and arduous task, involving extensive research. If you are one of those who could manage it all by themselves, great. But if you are someone who works well under solid assistance, then taking help from study abroad consultants is the best option for you. At Gyandhan, we have partnered with the best study abroad education consultants to ensure that the decision you make now (choosing a college) has a positive effect on the future (getting a job). Foreign Education Consultants GyanDhan Partnered With Manya - The Princeton Review Admitkard MIM-Essay Msingermany Galvanize Alphabet Overseas Education One Window Overseas Education Visas Avenue What are the Features of a Good Abroad Education Consultant? Finding an abroad study consultancy is not tough. Instead, it is making a sensible pick that causes trouble. With that in mind, here are the features you should look for while selecting the best overseas education consultant. Knowledge and Experience - A good education consultant has in-depth knowledge of foreign universities and the admission process each one utilizes. This feature is paramount. Do a simple background check of the key personnel at the consultancy to verify their expertise. Besides theoretical knowledge, look for solid experience of at least 2-5 years in placing students in universities in the country of your choice. For example, if you wish to do MS in the USA, confirm if the consultancy has a track record of securing admission in America. Moreover, if the consultancy has members who themselves have studied abroad, it’s a bonus point. Someone who has gone through the experience of applying to a foreign university will be much better equipped to help you. Profile and Career Assessment - The second feature you need to consider is career guidance. Do the abroad education consultants help you explore career objectives and pick a study destination that achieves it? The consultants should also offer academic profile assessment taking into account your academic performance in school/university. Based on it, along with your personal preferences, they should help you shortlist renowned universities to which you can apply with surety of admission. Financial Aid - Most overseas education consultants assist in drafting SOPs, optimizing letters of Recommendation and filling the application. A good consultancy will take a step further and connect you with loan counsellors like GyanDhan who can help plan your finances. The cost of studying abroad is high and few can afford to pay it out of their own pocket, which makes an education loan critical. This is where GyanDhan partnership with education consultants comes in handy. GyanDhan’s Expertise Once you have secured an admission with the help of a consultant affiliated with us, GyanDhan makes sure that you get an education loan at the lowest interest rate. Besides, you can use our tools to even increase the chances of getting an admission. The university compare tool gives you analytical insights into different colleges, such as what income to expect and how much it will cost you. The admit predictor offers you a fair idea on which schools are more likely to grant you admission. The automated SOP review checks your matter, grammar, and flow, which you can use to improve the statement further. 360-degree Assistance - Studying abroad is more than about filling applications, writing SOPs and finding an education loan. It means student visa processing, registrations, insurance, air tickets, finding accommodation and more. So, the fourth quality a good overseas education consultant has is holistic assistance. The consultants should be able to aid you with multiple processes at the same time. Not only that, but they must also be extremely organised and pay minute attention to detail to make sure no step is skipped or taken wrong. For instance, a consultant with an eye for detail will instantly know if a college’s application procedure has changed and will update you accordingly. The best part about getting connected to study abroad consultants through GyanDhan is that we will ensure that you get the best help in the mentioned areas. Communication and Interpersonal Skills - A proper grasp on language, especially English, is a critical feature. If the education consultant can’t speak effectively in English, look for one that can. This is important because colleges abroad will only communicate in English. Also, scrutinise how well they build an interpersonal relationship with you. Is the agent rigorous with follow-ups? Do they understand your position and preferences before suggesting steps and solutions? If the agent doesn’t, then they serve no purpose. These are the 5 features you need to probe when choosing overseas education consultants. Once you’ve crossed that stage, verify them by following 2 steps - Check their Website - Go through their websites thoroughly. See if it has well-researched, reliable and comprehensive information on countries and colleges. Double-check the accuracy of the content by browsing through supporting data. A global education consultancy that takes the effort to publish and update factual information is legit. Look for Reviews - When you have a shortlist of education consultants, compare them through ratings and reviews. Look for any past student feedback or testimonial. Don’t base a decision on a rating given by one student. Look for as many as possible to get clear insights on the consultants. Why Contact GyanDhan for the Best Abroad Education Consultant? You just went through the features of a good abroad education consultant, didn’t you? Well, our partnering education consultants fit these criteria perfectly. Our partners hold years of experience in counselling study abroad aspirants and have been making their dreams come true for years. They have established a solid reputation in the study abroad market, and GyanDhan helps you get in touch with these experts absolutely free of cost. After you sign up, we call you within 6 hours for a consultation session. Based on your requirements, we then connect you with the right abroad study consultancy that remains with you from the very start till the end. From shortlisting colleges to writing an attention-grabbing SOP, from securing an education loan to sending transcripts, we and our partners help you realise your dream of studying abroad! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our admission counselling right now to get connected with the best abroad consultancy services. Need for Financial Assistance? Arranging finances for your education abroad is a herculean task. But you do not need to worry anymore as GyanDhan is here to help you out. If you are looking to get an education loan in the easiest and the most cost-effective way, contact us right away. Check your eligibility or request a call back now for an education loan! In an initiative to help students displaying exceptional academic performance to carry out their postgraduate studies abroad, GyanDhan is offering scholarships of INR 1,00,000. It is a one-time award that will be given to one student on the basis of merit and strength of profile. To know more and apply for the scholarship, click here!

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