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No, it doesn’t cover that. You will need to repay the loan in all conditions. However, there is rarely any case in which student doesn’t get a job abroad good enough to pay the loan. You can rest assured of it.

Yes, plots are acceptable. You just have to check that there is a boundary around the wall or not. If there’s no boundary, it gives a false impression around the boundary of the plot.

We can’t say that other companies are charging for document pickup or not. We don’t charge anything for document pickup.

We would suggest that you stall your plan of the reconstruction till the time you have not applied for the loan. The bank doesn’t take the property under reconstruction as a collateral. During evaluation, the evaluator checks everything that impacts the value of the property. Redevelopment can be done after the loan sanction.

In secured loans, the property value needs to be sufficient enough to pay the loan. In case of unsecured loans, your co-applicant’s income matters not the applicant’s. For INR 50 lakhs loan, co-applicant’s income must be somewhere around 80-90 k per month at minimum.

Yocket is a great app for discussion and getting connected to peers and universities. But education isn’t their primary business. It is more of a social platform. They have recently started education loans but they are very new in this field and don’t have much expertise. Same goes for buddy for study. They are focused on the scholarships. We are education loan focused company so have profound and specific expertise of it.

We are an online company so the location doesn’t actually matter. We can help you anywhere in India. Most of the loans we do are from different states in India. The process is entirely online so it can be done from anywhere.

You can get in touch with our counselor and let us understand the case better. Click here to request a callback from us:

If you have a commercial/residential plot. You can get the secured loan as you mentioned. The income bar is for unsecured loans. Bank of Baroda would be the best choice for you. Moreover, we can also help you in opening the GIC account in Canada. It will be an end-to-end solution for you. Other than education loans, we also help in admissions, test preparations (GRE/IELTS/TOEFL), visa, accommodation, GIC, flights, in short, everything that you will require in your abroad education journey. We are a true one-stop solution for abroad education.

Sorry to hear about your father. Unfortunately, you will have to transfer the papers either on your or our mother’s name.

We would recommend SBI as it has better interest rates and approval rates than BoB.

Yes, the NBFCs can do it based on the property.

Yes, you can shift to GyanDhan. You will have to fill an online form that will give us the access to your application. You will just have to mention to our counselor that you already have applied it through some other company. We can surely transfer it to GyanDhan. Click here to request a callback from our counselor:

what is the ROI of SBI for collateral and without collateral loan for abroad education (UK)?

SBI offers loan with collateral only. The interest rates are:
8.8% (Male) /8.3% (Female) (With RinRaksha Plan)
9.3% (Male) /8.8% (Female) (Without RinRaksha Plan)
Rin Raksha is the plan that protects the guarantor from the burden of loan liabilities in case the applicant is unable to repay the loan.
For detailed information on SBI abroad education loans visit:

SBI offers loan without collateral for loan amounts up to 7.5 lakhs. However, that amount is generally not sufficient for study abroad requirements.

Hi, I have stopped working since feb-2021 and started studying for GRE which I will be attempting in august 2021. I just wanted to know if I can apply for education loan without co-signer for the studies in US. Also is it possible to get the loan on my Salary documents i have till Feb 2021?
I might apply for loan by this year end.
Please let me know .Your response is highly appreciated.

Hi @mb81571,

The education loan is not given solely on the basis of the student’s previous salary. Your previous salary can only be taken into account while evaluating your loan application and future job prospects.

Now, because you want a loan without a co-applicant, you have two options -

  1. Pledge collateral equal to or more than the loan amount you require, OR
  2. Apply for a student loan from an international lender. They give education loans to international students without any collateral or co-applicant. However, there are strict eligibility criteria. Moreover, your target college and country should be on their list of pre-approved colleges.

Read about these loans here -

My honest suggestion - check your loan eligibility on the GyanDhan website and know for sure the right lender for your profile. GyanDhan > Loans > Check Loan Eligibility. Our Education Loan Counselor will also discuss the loan options in detail. Please rest assured, we do not charge anything for our services.

Hope this helps you. For any further doubts, do post on this thread and I will get back to you.
All the best!