Fall 2020 - Coronavirus impact - what are you planning?

Creating this poll so that everyone can understand the thinking process of others!

Select the one which best suits your thinking process:

  • I am still hopeful that the classes will start in fall 2020
  • I will defer my admission
  • I will attend the online classes if offered
  • I have now dropped the plan to go abroad

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Keeping in my the poll results, we are organizing a webinar on 3rd April, 6:00 PM where we will answer:
In this webinar we will talk about:

  • How is the overall episode of Covid-19 going to affect the abroad education loan industry?

  • Will the interest rate increase, given the speculation of a recession which will increase the risks for the lenders?

  • What will happen to your already sanctioned/approved loans? If you have paid PF, what will happen to it?

  • Which lenders would be the best choice to avail financing from in the current scenario?

  • INR vs USD, which loan to be preferred?

  • If you do the first-semester online, how will the money be disbursed as the visa is the pre-requisite for disbursement especially in banks?

In case you missed the session, here is the recording:


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Does deferring an admit means ensuring our seat for the respective semester? Or would we competing again for the seat.

Hi Team,

I am planning for MBA in Canada and my course is starting in September 2020.

Considering the situation of world economy can I still get 50+ lakhs of loan from an Indian public sector bank or NBFC as they will access all the risks in these difficult situations before sanctioning the loan.


If we have to join online classes for fall 2020 then what will happen for our projects?

If I have to defer my intake from July to November for Australia, how will it affect my loan?
How will the loan be disbursed?

Considered the economic situation due to corona,Is it worth or safe planning to go for winter 2020 or summer 2021 from india. Will the full time, part time and other opportunities be same(usually good) as before corona in germany and other european countries as well?

Does HDFC Credila differ from other NBFCs? HDFC being a huge conglomerate it seems it has lesser risk to loan and more secure than other NBFCs. Any thoughts on this?

Do you have any updates from The University of Texas at Dallas regarding Fall2020 semester.

I am still in the process of loan sanction from a bank. I have got the evaluation of land done but still loan hasnt been sanctioned yet. So should I wait for few more months. Will the interest increase if I get it approved after few months?

Any updates about Deakin University, Australia?

Any updates from Michigan Technological University and Concordia University?

Between US and Uk which is better?

What is the process of re-sanctioning a loan from US. Given that I take a loan from Indian bank, how can I resanction it from there.
P.S. I have a possible co-applicant in USA

What are the chances of CPT rule bein modified to allow only after 1 semester of being in USA?


Shall we really join spring semester since it will prohibit us from doing summer internship. Also if we take the fall2020 online, we are again prohibited. So shall we go for fall2021 if the college offers only deferral or online as medium?


If I get my loan sanctioned right now but I go in the next yr fall…So will my loan tenure start from as of now only. And will they consider this 1 yr as part of my course period (2y)( Time where the banks charge Simple Interest)

Sorry for messaging again, but I was not able to hear about the last you said about Australia universities asking to pay the fees up front, can you explain it again?

I’m still waiting for decisions from TAMU, UC Irvine and UC Davis, all for CS. I have written to them about decision timelines but they all have a token response. How longer do you suggest I wait before confirming my admit at NCSU?