Would you recommend National College of Ireland?

For MSc in Data Analytics

Why Study at the National College of Ireland?

Would I recommend the National College of Ireland? You bet. This is a great school located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. The approximately EU 14,000 annual tuition fee seems very reasonable. Their refund policies are also liberal. They will deduct an administrative fee of EU 1000 and return the balance to you if you decide to take a hike for reasons that are not related to a visa denial. If there is a visa denial involved, the college might even issue you a full refund. Of course there are T&Cs.

That said, there are better reasons why you should attend the National College of Ireland. If your profile is really good and it does not have to be outstanding, NCI will even offer you a scholarship of up to EU 4000. Ask your consultant to pitch for you or pitch the college yourself if you are applying directly. Their placement rate of 96% is impressive.

NCI is a non-profit government aided college and offers several innovative master’s degrees in addition to data science:

MA in Human Resource Management
MA in Personal Leadership and Pastoral Care
MSc in Cloud Computing
MSc in Cyber Security
MSc in Data Analytics
MSc in Entrepreneurship
MSc in Finance
MSc in FinTech
MSc in International Business
MSc in Management
MSc in Marketing

Literally walk to dozens of banks, financial institutions and consulting firms if you plan to pursue a management degree at the National College of Ireland. You won’t need to ask anyone for a ride when you go looking for a job or internships.

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MSc in Data Analytics from National College of Ireland is a recommended course. The course is technical with equal focus on the business aspect. It covers subjects like Data Application Development, Data Mining, Machine Learning, MapReduce Extensions and Cost Models. R and Python are the main programming tools with additional use of SQL and WEKA. Safe to say, the curriculum will increase your employment potential. The class size is also not that big, 8-15 students. This would definitely help you to connect with your professor and clear your doubts one-on-one.

Talking about the fee and the duration of the course. So, the fee is €15,000 and the duration is 1 year. As mentioned in the answer above, international students are eligible for a merit-based scholarship of €2,000 - €4,000. Students are automatically considered for this scholarship. However, the college website has listed a few other scholarships as well which will cover almost 50% of the tuition fee. You will have to separately apply for them. To reduce your cost further, you can apply for a part-time job. All courses available at NCI make international students eligible for a Stamp 2 Student visa, which means you can work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and 40 hours a week during your break. A number of companies come to the campus to search for students for part-time roles.

The course and the college come with great student reviews. In short, go for the course; it is worth it.

Would you recommend an MBA from NCI? I have heard that DBS is better but I am a little confused. Is the degree accepted here in India?

I would recommend NCI for your MBA. The reason being NCI has a 2-year MBA course whereas DBS offers a 1-year MBA course with only 4 mandatory modules in the first semester and a dissertation in the second semester. Plus, the curriculum of DBS is more theory based. There is a distinct lack of practical training.

Talking about NCI, they offer MBA in various streams with equal focus on practical and theoretical knowledge. The course curriculum is more vast and has 4-taught semesters. The faculty of NCI is equally good. The professors have been at the top of their fields with decades of experience in the field of Business Administration.

DBS may be more recognized as it is a business school but opt for it if you already have experience. It will help you build on it. Though there are better options in Ireland such as TCD, UCD, and even DCU. I’d advise you to choose the college based on the curriculum.