Why do top us schools like stanford not require gre scores for ms in computer science?

Many top US schools, like Stanford, don’t require GRE scores for certain courses, such as MS in Computer Science. How is this possible?

It is indeed true that many top US schools, such as Stanford, have started to waive the GRE requirement for programs like MS in Computer Science. This shift is driven by a growing emphasis on a holistic admissions process, where universities consider a range of factors beyond standardized test scores, including academic performance, research experience, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and interviews. This approach aims to provide a more comprehensive view of an applicant’s potential. Additionally, waiving the GRE helps promote access and equity by reducing financial and logistical barriers that the test can present. The pandemic also played a role, as many institutions temporarily waived the GRE due to difficulties in test administration, and found that they could maintain their high standards without it. Furthermore, research has shown that GRE scores are not always the best predictors of graduate school success, leading programs to prioritize other evaluative criteria. As this trend grows, it allows universities to attract a diverse and talented pool of applicants, ultimately enriching their academic community.