Why do so many Indians study abroad, specifically in Canada?

The high number of international students from India has been a point of contention in Canada for at least a few years now, but what I don’t understand is why so many people from specifically India are going there to study? International students pay over double for tuition. Then you consider how high rent is in most cities, and living in the college residence isnt cheap either. Plus having to move to a whole other country, potentially leaving your friends and family behind would be hard.
So with that in mind, why do so many people decide to study internationally rather than here in India?

Hi, I totally agree with your POV. However, it is a very personalised outcome of reality that pushes people to study abroad.

In terms of Canada, the easy Immigration process and more money had attracted people. So much so that it has become mini India with less opportunities and more hussle. Earlier the programs used to be exciting too but now they are also taught by Indian more and the competition in the class is again between average middle class Indian family students. As an education counsellor, we don’t recommend it to students unless and until they only and only want to study there because of any personal reasons.