Why Canada For Education Abroad

Canada is home to some of the top universities of the world with a wide range of courses to offer, friendly immigration and VISA policies, plethora of job opportunities. These are few perks which define the study abroad experience in Canada. In this webinar, we will discuss at length the reasons why Canada is one of the best places to study abroad. The key points to be taken up include:

  • Popular courses and universities in Canada
  • Common eligibility requirements
  • Cost of education
  • Job prospects
  • VISA and work permit policies
  • Scope of permanent residency

Here is how the webinar works:

  • Ask Qs now: You can start asking your questions right here.
  • Answers via video: On Friday, 24th January, at 5.00 PM, We will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can Join Here.
  • Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe the answers and post them in response to your questions here.

Is it easy to get job and PR after completing pg diploma?


Please start asking the question.


Hello Neha,
I want to understand the basic differences between Visa processes of US & Canada and which one is easier considering current Visa policies in both the countries.

How much loan one can get to study in Canada from GyanDhan and what are the benefits of getting a loan via GyanDhan ?

Is it easy to get job for a fresher in Health sector after studying Master’s in Health informatics in Canada?

What is scope of Civil Engineering or Construction Project Management

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

It is not easy to get PR after anything. PR is actually point based (lottery based) whether you are in Canada or India. Every degree, every course, work experience, everything is point based for PR in Canada. PR will be decided once you have completed your points. I mentioned this during the session that you are eligible for direct PR after completing your studies in some of the universities in Canada. This is a very big reason why everyone wants to go to universities because they are directly eligible. So it is not as tough as it looks.

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

What I understand from the question is why it is difficult to get a visa for the US and easier to get a visa for Canada. This is because of the kind of norms the embassy has for the students. When we talk about embassies - each embassy has a different set of norms for international students. Every embassy in the entire world, even in India, has a cap on the maximum number of student visas that will be issued. This cap changes every year. The reason for this change is the requirements of a particular industry or a particular set of qualities that they are looking for in a year. And the second is that they are fine with the kind of people they have in a particular industry.

The major difference between the visa processes of both countries is that it is mostly face-to-face for the US and paper-based for Canada. It would be difficult to compare the visa process of both countries. Getting a visa for the US is difficult whereas, for Canada, it is easier. Although getting admission in Canadian universities is getting tougher. Because they are getting very restrictive with the kind of profiles they accept. This is also because the number of students applying is very high and the number keeps increasing every year.

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

There are different kinds of degrees and courses and getting a loan usually depends on the course and college you have chosen. To make it simple, if you have a property, the course or the college will not matter. And we would be able to help you in getting a loan up to INR 1.5 crore depending on the value of the property.
Now, coming to unsecured loans where you don’t have to show any property, it depends on the co-applicant’s income and the college. Getting INR 25 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs for a Master’s degree is not tough for Canada if your co-applicant’s income is good. If you are going for a PG diploma then you can easily get INR 20 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs via GyanDhan. We have special products for students who go for a PG diploma and Masters in Canada.

Talking about the benefits - you won’t have to go to 5 different banks or 10 different lenders to find out which loan scheme is best suited to your profile. Our algorithm checks this for you and our counselors will further discuss with you about your preferences and the kind of loan you can get. They help you get the best education loan in terms of interest rate, tenure, amount. We also make the process easier. It means that it becomes our responsibility to make sure that you get the loan in a minimum time period and with an excellent experience. You won’t have to go to the branches to submit the documents, especially in the major cities. We come to your home, pick up the documents and submit them in the branch. So that your only concern is quality education and rest, the finances would be our responsibility.

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

Yes, of course. If you have performed well, your profile is good, your connections are strong, and you have done an internship at a good place then it would be easy for you to get a job in the health care sector. It is one of the booming sectors in Canada. And it is one of the only countries with a very good healthcare sector and jobs related to it. Most countries do not focus on healthcare as they understand that it will be a very costly affair for the students. So, yes, it will be easier for you to get a job in healthcare.

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

If you are doing your masters in civil engineering, the scope is very good. Again as I said, it is one of the booming industries in Canada. Courses related to Civil Engineering, Construction have good prospects. Construction project management is majorly given by the colleges. It is a postgraduate diploma program. If you want to graduate as a postgraduate diploma, you can go ahead and start looking for jobs.
So every year Canada launches a list of courses with the highest opportunity for work after graduation. Courses related to civil, mechanical have always been on the top of this list. So you’ll have a lot of good opportunities. But at a masters level. It will be beneficial for you.