Why am I having a hard time adjusting here

Having a hard time adjusting
Hello, so I returned from the N.U.in Program and I am having a hard time meeting friends outside of my program. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to meet more people? I met a few at orientation, but other than that not really in any of my classes, etc. I live in 39 dalton which doesn’t help and dread walking 20 minutes to a dining hall. Further, my professors today were so unclear about what needs to be done for next class and the deadlines are very weird, etc. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.

@Rajat_Kumar I did NUin 2019 and I gotta say don’t worry at all. This is totally normal. There are tons of opportunities to meet new people and it will just come with time :raised_hands:. Clubs, intramural sports, Greek life, Marino gym, and classes are great ways to make new friends. Also if you’re confused about deadlines and what needs to be done for the next class, double-check canvas and then email the professor. Take it easy and don’t stress about it tho, it’s the first week. :saluting_face::fire:

@sooonali Would you say it is normal to feel very overwhelmed the first week?

@Rajat_Kumar Ya I think so. If I Remember back correctly, I felt overwhelmed trying to find my classes and getting adjusted to living on campus. You just went through a big transition, so don’t sweat it if you feel this way. You’ll settle in :heart::raised_hands:

Did you attend the club fair today? If not, you’re able to find a lot of information online and through Instagram. Most clubs are going to be holding their first general meetings/welcome events in the next two weeks so definitely check some out! There’s lot of fun, low-commitment clubs (Cheese club, Wildlife, Astrology, Recreational Rock climbing are a few off the top of my head). Freshman year is pretty tough and I can’t lie the commute from 39 Dalton does make it a little harder, but not impossible. As an upperclassman coming back this semester from an out-of-state co-op, I can attest to the fact that you’re not the only person feeling a little lost on campus and trying to find your sea legs. You got this!

As for the professors part, my biggest tip is to read the syllabus, bookmark the file somewhere easily accessible. Most profs won’t waste their breath telling you about deadlines because it’s already listed on the syllabus. If you aren’t liking a class, reminder that the deadline to change a course is Jan 17th. Feel free to PM if you have other questions!

Still early. Don’t be afraid of that walk. Build a great routine. Get homework and gym done early. Be open to occasional Uber. Ride blue bike. Plan a dinner.

Also force Sheraton housing into floor parties. Create a subreddit or chat for it.