Which sim card is the best for international students?

Hi, which sim card is the best for international students in terms of cost & plans? And where can we get it somewhere close to the university?

There are multiple SIM card brands with early advantages. The widely used are AT&T, T-Mobile and Mint. Mostly other than these are not good services, or will be based on location. You should start of with Mint if you have an iPhone or Samsung phone, they work good on them. They is also a Mint mobile application to check the compatibility before getting one.

If you want to upgrade you phone and better and cheaper service, than I would advice T-Mobile. It has good coverage, any many benefits. They give good credits for trading in or upgrading your mobile. They also have international roaming which has good coverage. I prefer T-Mobile myself.

But there are more factors that will get involved. Start with Mint, and when you can join a T-Mobile Family line when you find one or start one, you can port your mint number to T-Mobile too.