Which program is better in terms of job prospects after completing the degree, MS in pharmaceutical science from TCD, Ms in regulatory affairs from IT carlow or Ms in toxicology and regulatory affairs from UCD

I want to know which masters program will have better prospects for my career. I have completed B.pharm from India.

Hi @Harsha_Negi
As per your statement you’ve completed B.Pharma course in India, so you have ample number of choices in hand to decide for your masters program. For your convenience I’ve stated career options for you in the upcoming lines. Kindly have a look :-

Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharma)
It is an advanced level study program in the field of pharmacy that provides an intensive knowledge about the entire organization of how a pharma company works and gives solutions to medicinal requirements. This program is considered as one of the most credible masters programs after the completion of an undergraduate B.Pharma course that lands you with amicable opportunities to grow in your career as it allows you to specialize in your subject of interest in pharmacy.

Job Profile salary

Pharmacist INR 2.5 LPA
Clinical research associate INR 3.5 LPA
Pharmacotherapist INR 5 LPA

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
Being a degree in demand, MBA in Pharmaceutical Management holds a lucrative chance for you to grow well in life. It is a two year course which puts emphasis on both the scientific and technological aspects as well as the business and marketing strategies are also unveiled to you. Thus, you will be empowered in a way that gives you knowledge in pharmacy and also allows you to put it to an actual use.

        Job Profile                                      Salary

        Assistant Product Manager         INR 4.6 LPA
        Marketing Manager                       INR 5 LPA
        Senior Business Analyst               INR 7 LPA

M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
This is a logical choice for you to choose since the demand for in-depth knowledge for Chemistry has been fueled up by exponential growth of technologies in manufacturing of medicinal drugs. The program allows you to have advanced scientific training by a balanced mix of practical training and theoretical information. Your sense of satisfaction will definitely increase since you’ll be responsible to assist in the invention of pro-life medicines.

                 Job Profile                                     Salary
                 Research Officer                      INR 7.5 LPA
                 Research Scientist                   INR 7 LPA
                 Data entry specialist                INR 4.5 LPA

I hope this answer helps you to flourish in your career!