Which organizations are the cults, like are alpha omega?

New to campus. Which organizations are the cults, like are alpha omega, Christians on campus, or convictus cults? Just curious as I want to be prepared if someone approaches me.
If ANYONE approaches you and says ANYTHING relating to:

“God the Mother”/ “female God”

“you need to be baptized right now, come with me”

“other churches have taught you wrong, we’ll teach you right” / “every other church is wrong except us”

They are 100% in a cult. Avoid them. If they try to get you to leave campus(!!!), AVOID THEM!!

Chi Alpha is not a cult, I can assure you, I’ve sat in on their sermons and they are good people. Along with BSM, Focus, first Baptist, and Christians on Campus. they might invite you to a Bible study that is off campus, you are not obliged to attend them at all. The difference here is that they are inviting you, where as a cult will INSIST you leave with them right that moment.

Edit: Alpha Omega (different from Chi Alpha) IS a cult, I’ve been told.


Chi Alpha is a different group. Alpha Omega is a cult."