Which one I should choose Exeter / Strathclyde / Aston / Queen Mary / Dundee?

I got an offer from these universities in UK Exeter / Strathclyde / Aston / Brunel / Queen Mary / Dundee for MSc in Business Management.

Since I am an international student from India my top preferences in descending order is as follows Employability > Exposure > Brand Value > location > weather > fees.

Which one I should choose ? Why ?

Thanks in advance for helping me :slight_smile: .

Hi @sharma1234

Exeter offers MSc in Business Management with the following concentrations -

  1. Engineering Business Management (MSc)
  2. Management (MSc)

Please mention the course that you have chosen. For the purpose of this answer, I’m assuming you want information regarding Management (MSc).
The university is ranked highly for business management courses.
Employability - the course has provisions to enhance student employability - you can choose between a dissertation or a Business Project in term 3.
The department also arranges career camps with experts, career coaches, and one-on-one sessions to help students improve their profiles. You will have the opportunity to network and learn from guest speakers, attend workshops and lectures as well as gain practical experience. The Career Mentor Scheme allows you to get in touch with alumni from your chosen field of study to work with and learn from to develop your professional goals.


These are the fields you can expect to enter with your degree. Some of the companies that come for recruitment - Amazon, EY, IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Johnson&Johnson, PWC, Volkswagen, Apple, HSBC, Citi, Nestle, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, and more. The university is considered number 1 for Business Graduate prospects for 2021. The university also ranks in the top 20 as the most-targeted university by UK top 100 graduate employers. It means that you can expect to get placed at one of the top 100 companies.

To prepare Indian students for employment in the UK, the university has also arranged an India Career Ready Program. The program includes events like how to impress UK employers as an Indian student, how to gain internship and job experience in the UK, how to find graduate jobs in the UK and India, covering topics like finding hidden opportunities, and CV review workshops.

As for the exposure and brand value - the university is top-ranked and globally recognized as a prestigious research-intensive higher education institution imparting quality education.
The location depends on the campus - if you choose Management MSc, the campus will be the Streatham campus. The area around is peaceful and scenic.

(rest of the universities in the thread…continued)

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Hello @vishakha.bhagia, I got an offer from the Exeter University and Brunel University London for January intake. Please consult which of the university will help me get the global exposure and Job, as my course is Msc International Business and Strategy.
and what role does location plays in terms of employbality.