Which is better - Coventry College or University of East London?

Which college is better in terms of employment opportunities? Which should I choose for IT?
this is unrelated but I want to know what would be the loan options for UK?

Could someone also discuss University of Bedfordshire for IT only?
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Coventry versus East London

When it comes to research innovation in the higher education and knowledge space, Coventry is way ahead of East London.

Coventry offers amazing courses totally relevant in today’s trying times and I am sure governments around the world would love to recruit graduates from the following degree programs offered at Coventry:

MSc Crowded Places and Public Safety Management
MSc Disaster Management and Resilience
MSc Emergency Management and Resilience

Coventry has two campuses in Coventry and London. The London campus offers mostly business degrees. The MSc. In computer science offered at Coventry is a respectable course. The only challenge some students have experienced at Coventry is that since Coventry was fine with admitting students with an undergraduate percentage of 55% until recently, your cohorts may not be able to serve as role models for you. On the other hand, you may have to serve as their role models assuming you are a topper type! Future students do not have to lose any sleep over this because future students will need to aggregate at least 60% in their undergraduate studies for postgraduate admissions at Coventry. As you can see, Coventry is tightening the noose bit by bit with regard to academic performance. It announced recently that it will not entertain undergraduate admissions from humanities students from Punjab and Haryana. We wonder what sort of an experience this decision was based upon. At the end of the day, raising the bar on academic performance may not be such a bad idea after all.

East London is a good university and very affordable given the high cost of living in a cosmopolitan city like London. One of the reasons why East London gets significant CS traction is because their IT degrees like the following have a built-in placement component which makes studying at East London even more attractive:

MSc Computer Science
MSc Information Security and Digital Forensics
MSc Digital & Technology Solutions with Apprenticeship

Another reason for East London’s increased popularity is the fact that the school admits students to its MBA degree program with little or no full-time work experience.

If you want the best of all three worlds — affordability, placement and the charm of magnificent London, East London might be a better bet. On the other hand, if an innovative curriculum is what you seek, attend Coventry. Let not the East London QS rank of 751 rattle you. There is minimal correlation between ranking and placement, experience has taught us.

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MSc* Computer Science University of Bedfordshire

The MSc in Computer Science degree at the University of Bedfordshire is one of those “learn a little bit of everything” type programs where the curriculum jumps around all over the place from data modelling to embedded systems to systems architecture to intelligent agents and everything else in between. Such degrees are called generalist degrees. If you wish to specialize in a specific focus area and acquire high-end marketable skills, this degree is not for you. There is a placement program built into the degree.

The University of Bedfordshire is known mostly for degrees in earth systems, environmental science, computer science , social work, social policy and administration, English, communications, cultural and media studies. You will find many Indian students at the University of Bedfordshire partly due to the fact that the university runs a very active recruitment and marketing program through offices in four Indian cities. If you are holding other admits, review them as well depending on your interest and career objectives.


Simply going by the college rankings, Coventry College ranks 50 and the University of East London is at 127. Now, I don’t go by the college rankings but that’s a big gap. I’ll tell you the reason for it -

Firstly, Coventry has many big industries all related to engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, business and professional. So there are many job opportunities. With the visa changes, securing a job might get easier. That is international students are now eligible for a two-year post-study work visa, which earlier was only 4 months. Coventry College has a good track record of sending its graduates to companies like Accenture, Featurespace, PWC. The course itself is accredited by relevant bodies and offers a work placement option.

Now, even though the University of East London is a part of London so there are good job opportunities but the course itself doesn’t rank above Coventry. The university is known more for courses like psychology, architecture, and media studies. Plus, the university offers Computing and Information Communication Technology, which is a tech-based course whereas the one offered by Coventry also has courses related to management. So, it depends more on your preference. In terms of job opportunities, Coventry is better.

As for loan options, I’d recommend getting in touch with Gyandhan’s education loan counselors to discuss loan options. Before the visa change, lenders hesitated to give out loans for the UK and mostly unsecured loans were available but now the scenario has changed. To discuss your loan options for the UK and get in touch with GyanDhan’s ELC, click here.

Thank you for the answer.

I also wanted to know about Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Based only on curriculum, which college would you suggest for it - Coventry University or Centennial College, Canada?

Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Coventry University versus Supply Chain at Centennial College

Just to make sure we are talking of the same degree program at Coventry University, here is the link:

Qualitatively, the MS degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Coventry University is a far superior program when compared with many other similar programs in the UK and Canada. Here is why:

  • Master’s degree and not a certificate

  • Built-in placement option

  • Pathway to CMI status

  • Highly affordable – About 9000 pounds

The Supply Chain program at Centennial College is an undergraduate certificate program which should not interest you:


You will probably not get a chance to interact with mature cohorts since the minimum age for entry into this program is 19.

If you must study at Centennial College, the program you could consider is their Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain:


Please apply for the co-op option only and do not accept an admission into the non-co-op option otherwise you will not qualify for a three year Work Permit.

Please also consider the fact that a degree will always remain a degree and a certificate will always remain a certificate for the rest of your life.

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Coventry seems expensive. Is University of Bedfordshire affordable?

In terms of affordability, definitely the University of Bedfordshire is cheaper. Let’s compare both the universities -

Coventry university -
An undergraduate degree for the year 2019-20, the average fee was £12,924 annually.
Postgraduate courses cost a bit more. An MBA would cost an international student £16,887 annually and an MSc would cost you £14,509 annually.

University of Bedfordshire -
An undergraduate course (BA/BSc) for the year 2020-21 will cost you £12,650 (per annum).
An MBA will cost you £14,250 (total) the duration of which is 15 months. A 2-year Executive MBA would cost you £14,500 - full course fee.
However, a postgraduate course will cost you £13,000 annually. Though it is still cheaper than Coventry.