Where to start preparing for GMAT?

How should I start preparing for the GMAT?

Just saw your question, What’s up?

hi, It is always exciting to dive into GMAT for the first time.:smile:

But I am in a bit of a pickle, where did you start your preparation?

Hello people,
Mind if I join in?

I was thinking of starting the preparation myself.

Haha, how are you preparing for the exam? I mean self-preparation or are you taking coaching classes from somewhere?

Actually, I was thinking of self-studying for the test

what about you ?

Nice, I was thinking of self-studying myself. Did you find any good online resources for the test preparation?

Actually yes, I found this page about Gmat preparation on youtube and it is amazing. It has helped me a lot. I will share the link:)

Don’t forget the GMAT Official Guide, they are really helpful as well!

By the way how long are you planning to prepare for it?

About 3 to 4 months I guess, What about you guys?

Same, this is enough time to prepare for the test without going insane​:joy::joy:

haha, sounds about right. Let’s keep in check and crack this one😎