Where do most students get placed (mass recruiters) ms cs…

  1. what is the batch size of ms cs?
  2. how many students get coop oppourtunities?
  3. where do most students get placed (mass recruiters) ms cs…
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I think Computer Science is about 70/80 or its 100. I’m not exactly sure about that. But it’s definitely not like 400, 500 people in a class. Its very limited around 100-110. That’s the maximum they take as intake.

CCIS is within the college called the college of computer science. And there is cyber security, computer science and data science courses in CCIS. CCIS is the most renowned college in the NEU. If your a NEU MS CS, I would say 90% of the people get their CO-OP’s both in Cyber Security and in Computer Science.

Amazon, Intuit, etc. I know 6 of my friends went to work with Amazon within 1 week of graduation. And intuit, I know 5 of my friends went to intern at Intuit and all of them converted their internships into full time opportunities. From my understanding those are mass recruiters, there is nothing like Infosys or TCS in the US. That they take all of the entire batches but having 5/5 people joining together its like a big thing for people who are working for Amazon or Intuit.