Where can I find some space to study around the campus?

Campus during midday is crazy! I just went around Snell, Shillman, Ryder, and there's absolutely no space to study. It's like a never-ending loop. Anyone got some suggestions? This place is way too crowded.
It seems like folks are opting for unconventional work hours and exploring various study spots in abundance!
There are a lot of random lecture halls with nice study spots but u rly gotta explore. I’m gatekeeping so my favorite does not get crowded lol;

Only in the morning, loll

So, there's the Boston Public Library, but it's a bit of a trek, especially with the T not running. If that's not your vibe, you could hit the books in your room or snag an empty classroom, like someone else suggested.

Oh, and there’s also the study center next to the Christian Research Center.

If you’re into the cafe scene, you might want to try grabbing a table at places like Pavement, Tatte, Caffe Bene, or Nerro. Just a heads up, though—they tend to be pretty bustling.

I don’t have advice but I feel you. I looked crazy today walking through every building and then through them again. Had no luck. The only times I’ve had good luck are anything between 4am-12pm.

Go to the empty clasrooms, they never fail>>

Check out the writing center. If they ask during their open hours, I’m sure they would let you use a table there.
I work in ISEC and I feel like I always see open places to study, especially in the morning!