What should be my strategy for this?

Hey guys, I just started studying for the GRE and picked Target Test Prep because people say it’s really good for math and easy to use. I haven’t done math since 2019, so I feel like I’m starting from zero.

My issue is with the tests at the end of each chapter. I finished the first section, took lots of notes, and practiced a lot. But, my scores are okay for the easy questions (70-90%) and not so good for the medium ones (40-60%). I’m not sure if this is normal or if anyone has tips on how to get better. I’m worried I might go through the whole course and not remember things well or score above 310.

Any advice would be great!

I’m reading an astronomy book right now. I finished the first chapter, but I only got about half of it. I’m planning to read chapter 1 again. If you have the time, I suggest reading things more than once. You pick up more information every time you do.

Would you suggest going through the whole lesson again? It took a long time (about 8 hours), and I’m not sure what’s better: going over my mistakes in the chapter tests or studying the whole lesson over. I know I can’t review every lesson many times because there’s not enough time. I’m a bit unsure about what to do.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. I find it hard to take notes too. I guess using notes and reviewing them at different times should help.

I prepared for the test with the help of a youtube channel.

Here is the link for the same.
I hope it help😊