What places can I go to that is popular for young adults?

What places can I go to in Arlington only that is popular for young adults?

Cidercade is one place, but I want to find other places to have fun and hopefully meet people.
I am not really a drinker btw but would really love to meet new people and make some friends as I am kinda new here.

The best way to meet people in any university is through organizations. Visit - MavOrgs It has all the details of the organizations and the events which are organized by them.

If you want to meet people outside the university, check out events in Linkedin or meetup. Not many events will be in Arlington, but Fort worth and Dallas will have many events.

In Arlington, bars and community centers would be a good start.

This sounds good. Are you an Alumni?

Also, are there any common events for UTA and UTD? I just basically want to know the social scene around the campus

I am a master’s student, computer science. Fall 2023

Not to my knowledge. But, I think we can participate in their events.

Okay, that sounds good. Thank you:)