What is you opinion on Arizona State University (USA)

my_qualifications 12th grade

I got into their Bachelors in Engineering (polytechnic campus) with a $13500 scholarship (max is $14500) and everyone in my family says its a great uni. I wanted to know about this from others too. I was thinking about transferring to their Tempe Campus (if possible) after first semester or year. I don’t know much about the university, hence asking.

Hi, I am from the Software Engineering dept and i have graduated this May. I would say ASU is really a great university with excellent faculty and International Student services. Since, you already got a scholarship i would say go for it as ASU is little expensive, but other than that ASU is really a prestigious university and its degree has certain value. All the very best !


The Polytechnic campus is an hour long from the Tempe campus. It may feel a bit disjointed comparatively.
Tempe campus is much happening and a lot of Indian diaspora lives there.
You can live in Tempe and travel using ASU’s buses to Polytechnic.

Scholarship is certainly a great factor.
You can select classes that may be in Tempe but that depends upon what classes you need to mandatorily complete.

My roommate was pursuing Masters in Engineering from Poly campus but he moved to Poly after one year due to travelling.

If you’re concerned about the reputation of the college and course, it is good.
If you’re concerned about being with Indian friends nearby, you may not find that much in poly (or in bachelors).

Please let me know if you have more questions.