What is the acceptance rate for UTD?

What is the acceptance rate for UTD?

If we pay the Sevis fee for one college then if we want to study in another college, do we need to pay the Sevis fee again?

You will only need to pay the SEVIS transfer fee.

Are there on-campus jobs available for international students at UTD?

what’s the difference between OPT and CPT?

Yes, there are on-campus jobs available to international students. Though you will have to maintain a good profile and GPA to secure a job. I believe there are also eligibility criteria for the students to fulfill.

You can apply for CPT after one year of full time enrollment but before completing your degree. Whereas, for OPT, you have the option to apply for a job before, during or after course completion. STEM students get 24 month extension for their OPT. For other courses, its one year.

Hey, can you please tell what is the eligibility criteria for the on-campus jobs?

The eligibility criteria are pretty basic, like a valid F-1 status, unexpired I-20 from the university, and full enrollment in one of the programs. For more specific details, you should get in touch with the career center of the university.

Hey, I have a lot of questions regarding on-campus employment. Would appreciate the help.
When can we start employment? Because of financial constraints, I would prefer either on-campus or off-campus employment.

@avikaaa Are there any specified number of hours we are allowed to work?

@avikaaa Hey, I can help with these questions.
You can start employment almost 30-days before the start date mentioned in your I20 form.
Regarding the number of hours, you can work up to 20 hours (part-time) during the term and more than 20 hours (full-time) during summer or official school breaks.

Thanks for answering.
Does on-campus job include any specific job or we can apply for whatever we find?

Is career center the only way of getting a job? There must be some tough competition I think given the number of students

@avikaaa Campus jobs include everything and anything you can find. You can also work in the library, computer lab, student offices, bookstore, dining service, etc. On-campus jobs can pay you anywhere between 7 to 12 dollars an hour.
The career center is not the only option. You can always ask your seniors for any possible job opening. Since they are around longer, they would know if there is anything available. Another way is to volunteer initially so that you can keep up-to-date with job openings. It will also help with your CV and networking. Being proactive will also help. Just ask around. Take the initiative to get the job.

And what about OPT? is there any limit to the kind of job we can do?

can we work on-campus during our OPT?

It depends on whether you have graduated from the university or not. If you have graduated, you won’t be able to volunteer at the university and claim it as employment. The university does not allow it.

There is no limit to the kind of jobs you can do. You can get employed with single employers or multiple, get contract employment, or even volunteer. However, the job should be related to your major.