What are the other options for a computer science graduate as far as Masters is concerned?

Hello Abhishek,
What are the other options for a computer science graduate as far as Masters is concerned?
Do you think working for Cognizant for two years(I graduated in 2018) will help me with my application as I am working there right now. I have plans to apply for fall 2020.


I am also a computer science graduate from NIT Nagpur. I think it depends a lot on what you are seeking after 2 years of your graduation, like most of the people would be going for Jobs or would be trying to go for again higher education towards PhD but it is important if you are sure about what you want, I was sure about companies that were visiting Arizona as my friends have already been there and they were kind of giving reviews about all the companies that comes, like all the major tech companies who are in software development were on the campus ,that kind of helps you in making sure whatever path you are taking in terms of either learning or going to college or university and then you will know what will happen when your course will end, How you would be jumping from your University to the job market.
Working for cognizant or any other, you can work for any company in India provided if you are able to explain that it is in tech domain and the learning which you did, the technologies you are working on. Brand name it plays a very little role so when you are interacting with your recruiter he would definitely see the technologies you were working on, if their company had the same technologies then they will definitely be able to give you an opportunity to get the interview so I personally think that any company doesn’t matter rather be little enthusiastic in terms of what technologies you worked on.
So it doesn’t matter the thing which matters is on what technologies you are working on. If you are in computer science then you definitely have to Know programming stuff and all.