What are the chances of getting into ASU for Computer Engineering course?

Profile evaluation:-

GRE: 302 (Q 161, V 141) awa (3)

IELTS: 6.5 (L 6.5, W 5.5, R 6.5, S 7) attempting again for 7+ band

UG GPA: 8.0 (74% overall) from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (NAAC, NBA accredited)

PUC: 86.7%

SSLC: 74.5%

Have 2 UGC approved national technical papers published as main author for both

11 months of work experience in Accenture (to this date)

What are the chances of getting into ASU for Computer Engineering course?

Hi sir, Choosing West coast for ASU is better or choosing a better university than ASU which are not near to west coast is better in job perspective for Computer Engineering course?


Based on scores chances of getting into ASU or any university, you can compare online there are so many websites which do give a comparison, but I think nobody can tell how your SOP will be looked when you’re trying to apply when I was in your place 2 years back I definitely had a decent score line and then I tried to take chances of writing a good SOP of what I think was a good SOP and making letters of recommendation then you have to apply to the colleges and keep your fingers crossed about how they are going to see your profile and all.
The thing is if you think your profile is a decent enough you must apply and just not worry about the result and don’t ask everyone about the profile because everyone will have different opinions about it and that won’t help because the ultimate thing is what the committee thinks, and you will know only after applying and not before by discussing.
Nobody can predict or say whether you’ll get admit or not, just to evaluate your chances you can use profile evaluators. Like we have made email-based profile evaluator that is available on our website, so basically we try to see how lose your profile looks like, somebody who has written admit, it gives probability of percentage sort of thing that tool is a very good indicator to evaluate your profile.

Also, is it good idea to do Computer Science/Software Engg course after 9 years of software dev exp or is MIS better, if interest is to do software dev later on.


What happens is that once you come here they kind of try to overlook your experience, they will surely consider you cause you have gained experience, the way you talk about things, the technologies you are working on or the ones you’ve worked on, if you are seeking as a software developer, it would finally go to software development.

I had the chance to go for MIS in University of Texas Dallas but I thought If later on I have to present myself as a programmer why not to be in core programming right from the beginning.

I think if you have option to go for MIS or Masters you should rather choose for Masters.


West coast is definitely better, California and that side, from whatever stats that I have, you will definitely have a great opportunities if you are working toward West coast.

The only downside of it is that things are super expensive so you won’t be having too much luxury when you are in student life and wouldn’t be able to save a lot.

In terms of work and opportunities definitely West coast is a lot better than going somewhere in Central US.