What are the business programs like?

What are the business programs like? I read that they have some goolsby leadership program as well as some investing program, but I was wondering how do those compare to other schools. I looked at unt and their programs look pretty similar to ours.

@pranjall_v business program is good! I wish I went to unt though lol. but one of my professors sold a helicopter to papa john :sob:

@vikas_mishra8 Holy shit!! Is UNT business program better?

@pranjall_v I’m not sure if it’s better academically, but campus life is WAYYYY BETTER. I do find the academics at UTA are very good. also my friend is in the goolsby program and likes it, gets a small scholarship as well, however they do schedule all your classes for you. so she has to take an 8 am and can only take goolsby classes with the same people.

@vikas_mishra8 Dang that’s sucks. I was told UNT is like a party school? Of course, I don’t really mind either way

I have my eye on the phd in business administration - information systems and operations management degree. UT Dallas has some grad school programs as well.