What are the benefits of studying here at UCM

What are the benefits of studying at the University of Central Missouri?

Depends on your major.

Some things that apply for all majors:

Relatively high employment rate after graduation because of the career center.

Low tuition.

Relatively small town (some might consider this a negative).

For me personally, this is 1 of only 2 Universities in Missouri that is recognized as UCAP - AC (advanced curriculum) by the Society of Actuaries. The other is Maryville which has a much more expensive tuition. Therefore, this is a very good school for an aspiring Actuary.

The school is also very famous for education if you are looking to become an education major. In fact my grandmother got her education degree from this school.

There also seem to be a lot of criminal justice majors here, so I suspect that it might be fairly well known for that, but I don’t know the details.