What are my chances?

Hey there! I’m thinking about applying to UTD this upcoming fall. Here’s a bit about me:

Grade: 11th, Intended Major: Computer Science, Ethnicity: Indian, Current GPA: 4.8, Expected GPA: 4.9, SAT: 1400+, Current Extracurriculars: Active in Red Cross, President of Chess Club, involved with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, member of NHS, working in a machine learning lab at UTD, and developing a Financial Literacy app.

Your stats are good, so I think you have a good chance!

I am not in top 10% however will this affect my chances?

You’d need much better stats for that. Atleast a 1550 to even be considered for UT comp sci.


You stand a good chance for UTD, try to work on a great SOP and if you can a good letter of recomendation from your teachers you might end up getting a scholarship as well.

The bachelors program is getting bigger and bigger in the USA , All the best.

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