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A Master's degree at a UK university is an excellent opportunity for your scholastic and personal life. Typically, a Master’s degree is a one-year course in a subject area you want to specialize in. It is true that applying to any Master’s degree takes time and effort. To help take away some of the stress and confusion, here is a complete guide to what all do you need to apply for MS in the UK.

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Under the GIR system, does the student need to be employed before applying for the route?
Are other details available about the system?

No, the student does not have to be employed before applying for the route. The eligibility criteria for the same is as follows -

  • Student should be pursuing a degree that is an undergraduate level or above.
  • Completion of the said degree.

The route is still in progress, however, so all the details are not yet available.

Is UK a good option to choose in this pandemic? Are there any other countries that are handling the pandemic better and would be a good option for MS in Computer Science?

The UK is one of the countries that is working hard to control the pandemic and will be ready for students this Fall. In fact, many UK universities have formulated an online teaching plan for Fall 2020, with classes right on schedule. Additionally, to accommodate international students, the student visa rules have been revised to allow them to attend online classes without any penalty. Another bonus point is the Graduate Immigration Route, which will allow students to apply for a two-year extension to stay and look for a job in the UK. It will be implemented in Summer 2021.

Other countries that you can keep as an option for your abroad studies (in no particular order)-

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Each of the mentioned countries has successfully controlled the spread of the virus and has made favorable revisions to student visa guidelines to accommodate international students. For example, Canada has made revisions allowing international students to attend online classes with no effect on the duration of the post-study work visa. Similarly, students enrolled in Australian universities and New Zealand universities can attend online classes.

Health and safety precautions along with post-study work options are the top concerns of the students planning to study in a university abroad. On this basis, the above-mentioned countries are fairing well and can be viable options.
Hope this answers your question!

yes, it is not difficult to take this degree and it does not give a small addition to the salary, I do not understand why people do not try to pass the exam for a degree