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Canada provides students a platform where they can experience a unique multicultural environment in a safe and beautiful North American country. Around 200,000 international students and researchers choose to study in Canada each year. This article will brief you about what all you need to apply for an MS program in Canada.

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Which English language tests are accepted by Canadian universities?

Can I work during my studies in Canada?

If I reach Canada before my classes start, like a week or so, can I apply for a part-time job?

IELTS is the most preferred and accepted English Proficiency test. It is also an eligibility criterion for Student Direct Stream (SDS) - a program for Indian students to get their Canadian students visas quickly. Other language tests are also accepted. However, it is best to check individual university/college websites for the required tests.

Students can work 20 hours during a term and full-time during vacations. Moreover, Canada has one of the most student-friendly post study work visa, which allows you to stay in the country for up to 3 years depending on your course duration.

You can only start working when your studies begin. You cannot work before your classes start.