WES_ Qualification

1- When i will have my WES reference number?

2- How many types of WES is there and what is the difference between them?

3- What are the fees for each type and what is the better for me if i am planning to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker?

4- My qualification from University of Tripoli can they send my transcript by email and what is the email they should use please ?

Hi @Basma_88

  1. You get the WES reference number when you submit the application and pay the WES evaluation fees.

  2. There are two types of credential reports - Document-by-Document Report and Course-by-Course Report. The first is appropriate for immigration purposes. The latter is appropriate for students - it does detailed course analysis. It will list all the subjects with their corresponding credits, grades, and a calculated GPA in US terms.

  3. Go for Document-by-Document Report if you are planning to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker. Course-by-Course Report is appropriate for students. The fees depend on the type of package you select. There are two - WES Basic ($100) and WES ICAP ($145). The one additional aspect included in WES ICAP is that it will store and send your verified transcripts to the institute.

  4. Required documents can be sent via postal mail, courier service, or online submission. The email used should be the official email of the university. Remember, if the documents are sent via postal mail or courier service, the envelope should be sealed properly.

Hope this helps. All the best!