Wayne State University

I wish to apply to Wayne State University for Fall 2020. Any tips on how to write SOP? Also, is there any information regarding the classes or if they have made any alternate arrangements for international students in view of coronavirus?

Apart from shifting Spring and Summer classes online for the existing students, the university has not updated anything related to Fall 2020. The Fall session will start in September, it can be safely said that the university is hoping to resume classes on time. Wayne county and overall Michigan state have many COVID-19 cases so it is to be seen how the university responds to it.

Tips for writing a stunning SOP - There are three basic questions that need to be answered in your SOP

  1. Why this program and why now?
  2. Goals after graduating
  3. Why this university

Be clear in your thought process and showcase why you have chosen this course. If you are applying after your undergrad then mention what drove you to apply for this course. If you are applying after certain years of work experience, then do mention how this course will help your career graph. This is an important point to mention because you’d be forgoing your current income for the next 2 years and the admissions committee would like to know how this course will help you grow.

The second question of goals is automatically answered if your thought process is clear while answering the first question. Be clear about the industry and the type of industry you want to get into. Incorporate how your work experience will help you in the course.

To answer the third question, you will have to research the university and showcase the interest and initiative you took to make your application stand out. Adding any new updates from the university about your target department and how those updates will help you will make an impact on the admissions committee.

Some more points that you can add are work experience and the skills acquired and your contribution to the organization, your weaknesses, and strengths, important events in your academic and professional life.

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Wayne State University, just like other universities, is updating the information on their website from time to time. Here is all the information the university has made public regarding classes and alternate arrangements for international students in view of coronavirus:

  1. The university is anticipating the fall 2020 semester to be online as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, but no final announcement has been made as yet.
  2. The university has temporarily suspended the standardized test score requirement for new fall 2020 freshmen applicants. The temporary suspension would be for students who are unable to take their SAT or ACT due to COVID-19.

As far as your SOP is concerned, make sure it does not exceed the word limit. Write it on your own. Here are a few more important tips to write your SOP:

  1. Research about your desired course and Wayne State University. Express how your goals align with this course. This would certainly express your willingness as well as your keen sense of observation.
  2. Mention your expectations from the degree in a precise and elaborated manner.
  3. Your short term goals after completing your desired course, as well as your long term vision should clearly be mentioned.
  4. Exhibit your multifacetedness and all-round qualities.
  5. Express points or instances during the course of your studies or professional career when you have taken decisions. Also discuss the impact of those decisions.
  6. Tell about the lessons you have learnt in your professional career.
  7. Keep editing your SOP till you find the best version of it.