Want to know about internships opportunities

So I've been admitted to pace uni computer sc program for spring 2024 tho I'm very much interested in knowing about how you search for internships particularly Like any secret websites, Discord servers that'll help? And also please do tell me the review of the curriculum and quality. Thanks.
Hey there! I'm a CS professor, mainly handling undergrads but also diving into the exciting world of grad-level Game Programming. If you're on the lookout for a cool elective, I'll be offering it in the upcoming Spring semester.

Check out the courses details here:
Game Programming Course - Spring 2024

To see what’s on the menu for Spring 2024, hit up this page: (Choose Spring 2024, Graduate, Computer Science)
Spring 2024 Course Schedule

And hey, if you’re curious about career services, they have got your back:
Pace Career Services

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