Want to hear just the good stuff!

I was checking out the University of Missouri, Mizzou, during my college search and it really caught my eye. Could you tell me what’s so awesome about it? I’m only interested in hearing the good stuff, nothing negative about Mizzou, please!

It's a classic college town. Big enough to have fun but not too big that you get lost in city life.

Great spot to live and learn while you get your first taste of independence.

The school is big so you have great options, but doesn’t necessarily feel overwhelming as long as you get involved in some clubs/orgs/Greek life.

Great party place until your 0.00 GPA causes your parents to make you come home and go to the local CC until you get some decent grades.

Would you say that the parties are chill or crazy also how do people get into the parties

The quickest way is get involved in Greek life (fraternity or sorority) but it’s college after all, most social groups party a little, just make friends and you’ll be invited. Also, if you play an instrument Marching Mizzou is a blast both on and off the field.

I was actually planning on joining the marching band but I never knew band members can get inside parties.

if you’re a woman, you’re essentially always allowe in frat parties. even if you’re not though, m2 always has some huge fuckin parties. a 300 person group that spends hours with eachother is bound to become friends, and naturally they are going to throw large parties.

and you will become friends with your section, and your friends have friends, and anyone of them will invite you to parties, ranging from smaller to larger events.