Visa related questions

My background in brief
my i20 amount is around 35 lacs…The education loan I have taken is of 42 L…1.5 times i20 amount is around 53L…My parents can show the liquidity of around 8L. So in total it becomes 50L.
My parents are both retired government employees

  • The economic background of my parents will be problematic in the Visa interview?
  • Will the Visa officer consider, if I add agricultural land valued around 55L and insurance policies of worth 8L?
  • Can fix deposits be shown as liquid fund?
  • Can you suggest me some tips and types of questions asked in the Visa interview?

Hi there,

Don’t worry, in my opinion, this is sufficient. They want to gauge more about you personally. When I went for my Visa Interview, I could only show few hundred dollars more than the i20 amount. So be yourself, be confident, and keep your answers point to point. Everything will go well. All the best.