Visa Interview experience

Hi guys, super excited… My Visa application got approved.
Consulate: Chennai
Date: 12th May 19
Appointment Slot: 11:00 a.m.
Counter: 6
Status: Approved
University: IIT Chennai
Course: Btech in Chemical engineering.
CGPA: 6.9
GRE: 309 (Q:162, V:147, AWA: 3.5)
IELTS: 7.0
Graduation Year: Aug, 2017
Interview started at
After initial formal greetings, the Visa interviewer asked for my Visa form and the name of the institute where I got my admit.
VO: How did you get to know about this University
Me: I took help of my seniors who are already studying in the institute. Meanwhile Profs too helped a lot.
VO: How you are going to manage your finances?
Me: My parents are my sponsors. My education loan is also approved
VO: What is the profession of your father?
Me: Medical Practitioner
Vo: In how many universities did u apply?
Me: I applied in 5, University of Illinois, NYU, North Carolina State and state university Binghamton, Arizona state university
Vo: What was the count of admits?
Me: Got admit from State University Binghamton and 4 rejects.
Vo: In which year did u graduate?
Vo:What did you do after graduation?
Me: I worked for awhile as a trainee and left my job in June 2018 to pursue masters

VO: Great! I’m approving your visa.

Pleasantries exchanged
The order of the questions may be not be as it was asked. The interviewer was very friendly and not at all intimidating. My suggestion for people going for the interview is be to the point and honest in your intent and be confident. These virtues will take care of the rest.