Visa experience(Rejected)

Date :12/06/2019
place: Delhi
status: rejected

VO:good morning
me:good morning mam.

VO: So where are you going??
me: Sacred Heart University for Masters

VO: Why Sacred Heart?
me: This insti will provide me with quality education and research facility of the institute is also good. In addition, I want to do PG in computer science and the course curriculum and subject of core course is very similar to my area of interest.

VO: How you are going to fund your education?
me: The university has not given any specific reason regarding this but I think because of my strong academic background.

VO: Okay, what did you do in your Bachelors ?
me: I have done Bachelors in Information Technology with 8.85 CGPA

VO : What is the occupation of your Parents?
me: My parents are government employees

VO : how many Universities did you apply to?
me: I applied for four universities

VO: how many admit and rejects?
me: I got admit call from all four

Then she stands up and goes inside for 5 mins

VO: Why did you choose this university only of all four?
me: I gave her the same reason of specialization I wanted and course curriculum

VO: Thank you for applying but you do not qualify for student visa this time…

Our sympathies are with you @Himani. Could you provide us with the full script of your interview so that we make a comprehensive list Do’s and Don’ts during the visa interview?
And all the best for your next interview appointment.

Okay will do that. Moreover I am not planning to try again.
And also Can I message you the script? if possible, please do not use my name while posting the script.

Oh that is sad. May I know what temped you to make such decision…
Yes you can. BTW you have already posted the script, your identity is already public…
Nonetheless, we will do that if you don’t wish to disclose your name and will delete this post as well