Visa Experience George Washington

Reached before time and completing the formalities, I was called for the interview

VISA Interview Experience

Date: 11th June 2019
Consulate: Chennai
Counter No: 5
University: George Washington University
Course: Geo Environmental Engineering
Status: Approved

After exchanging the greetings and asking for i20 form and passport
the VO asked for the program I applied for

VO: What progran are you going for?
Me: MS in Geo Environmental Engineering.

VO: How many universities did you apply to?
Me: I applied in five universities, got call from 2 and three rejects

VO: How are you going to fund your studies?
Me: I received a partial scholarship and my parents have some savings

VO: What is the occupation of your father?
Me: He is a businessman

VO: Have you taken any education loan?
Me: No

VO: Your Visa Approved
Me: Thank you!
She handed me my i20 form back and said will need this once I am in the US

Hi @abhipshita, congratulations for the approved Visa.
It is our sincere request if you can publish the full script of your interview so that the people can get holistic idea of a successful visa interview.

Sure I can do that. Can I post it next week. Currently I am traveling and there is some issue with my system.

Yes. no issues. Please post it as per your convenienceā€¦