Visa appointment

I have mae my visa appointment but I didn’t pay the SEVIS fee and not completed the ds 160 form too,now I want to change my university is it possible.and is there any chance to not paying for my interview.

Hi @Asha_Seelamneni,
To initiate the visa process, the SEVIS ID is required. If you have not submitted the visa application or used this ID to initiate the process, you can easily change the name of the university. Also, visa fee ($160) is non-refundable. If you haven’t paid, you can change the name of the university and then pay the fee.

As you have not paid the SEVIS fee, use the same SEVIS number and pay for the fee with new I-20.

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I have paid my visa application fee and there I have submitted my SEVIS I’d for college A.but I want to change my university now, so is there any possibility to change my SEVIS I’d there without paying it again.


Yes, you can change the university without paying for the visa appointment again. Fill in the DS-160 with the correct university and submit it. Since you have already paid the visa fee, you need to update the information on the CGI Federal website. Update the DS-160 confirmation number and SEVIS ID.

Hope this helps!

Thankyou so much this helps me alot.