UTD or UT for premed?

I’m an incoming freshman who got accepted into UTD and UT. I’m trying to decide between the two universities for premed, and I’m pretty stressed after weighing the pros and cons of both universities. Financially, UTD seems to be the better option because they are offering me an AES of $4000/semester and I haven’t heard anything from UT (nor am I expecting to because I’m not in the top 10% of my HS). Additionally, UTD is close to home, and I’ve lived in the DFW area my whole life. My main concern with UTD is that it feels like there are so many premeds, which makes me feel that it would be hard to find clinical and research opportunities. My ultimate goal is to go to a Texas medical school, so I want to choose the university that will provide the best resources and allow me to maintain a high GPA.

I’m currently leaning more towards committing to UTD (Neuroscience major), but I would appreciate to hear any current pre-med student’s experience at UTD and how they feel about the campus in general. If there is anyone who was in a similar dilemma, I would love to hear why you chose to commit to UTD over UT!

Hi, try to have a word with alumni from neuroscience major, during my time at campus from fall 21, I did meet a few Ph.D. students doing major in your related field. but my knowledge is very limited in your choice of major.

my reason for going for UTD was the existing alum base in the supply chain management department, and I got good reviews which gave me the confidence to go for it.