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Get real-time information about UT Austin from seniors who have gone through the whole process

This webinar session will be hosted by Shreya Trivedi, who completed her MS in Business Analytics from the University of Texas at Austin. She will volunteer an hour of her time to answer your queries. Prior to UT Austin, Shreya completed her BTech in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur. She has volunteered to work with organisations such as Savera Samajik Sansthan. Her internship was with Schlumberger and WorldQuant. After her Bachelors, she worked with Flipkart as Assistant Manager and after her masters, she worked with PwC. Currently, she is working as Senior Analyst at Aura, San Francisco Bay Area.

Here is how the Senior AMA works:

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  2. Answers via video: On Friday, September 27th, at 7 PM, Shreya will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.
  3. Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe Shreya’s answers and post them in response to your questions on this page.

Hi, all…
Unfortunately, our previous speaker Avinash was not available at the scheduled time. Hence, we have invited Shreya Trivedi to answer your queries.
Please post your queries here.

Hi there,
I have 2 admits, one from UT of A (Business Analytics)and second from Nortwestern’s Master’s in Analytics program.
Which one should I go for? Would love to know your opinion and the reasoning, if possible. I m more inclined towards Nortwestern…only thing that worries me is the overall cost of the program (Nortwestern is expensive than UT Austin)
Any suggestions?

How much GPA should one sscore to be eligible for admissions to UT Austin?

Hi Shreya,
This is Dhairya. I wanted to know about the MS in industrial engineering program at UT Austin and what is it’s USP. Also, if you could throw light on securing TA and as well as what points to consider while making a SOP and applying to UT Austin.

If you could evaluate my profile and share your viewpoint , it would be great.
GRE :324(168-Quant , 156-verbal,AWA-4)
Btech in Mechanical engineering , Nirma University CGPA:9.04/10

Hey Shreya,

I have below queries:

  1. I have 3+ years of work exp, the webiste of UTA suggests to 2 academic LORs and 1 Professional LOR. Since you had 2 years of experience can you tell about your LOR pref and can you suggest if I should have 2 prof LORs and 1 Academic LOR.

  2. Can you tell us what played a major factor for your selection in UTA, I mean if you could give relative weightage to GPA. GRE, TOEFL, Work Exp that played a major role in your selection.

  3. Can you suggest advantage of doing MSBA from UTA as compared to similar courses offered by USC, Georgia Tech, CMU, Columbia, UMinn apart from Tuition fee factor. (Why UT Austin ? )

  4. As you suggested that the course would be pretty hectic, can you suggest some particular online course (Edx/DataCamp/Coursera) for 1) R 2) Python 3) Statistics and Prob 4) Linear Algebra

  5. Any specific college clubs related to Marketing Analytics you would suggest us to join.

Hi Shreya,

Could you give some suggestions for writing a good SOP?

Hello Shreya,

Do you know anyone who studied MS or PhD Industrial Engineering at UTA ?
Do they have a cutoff for GRE scores ?

Thank you.

Hi Shreya,

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I had one specific concern regarding MSBA which I was hoping you could shed some light on.

I’m concerned about the relatively short duration of the course at UTA in comparison to some of the other universities like CMU USC etc. The short duration of the course will directly impact the time that students have to find internships or jobs.

Could you please let me know the importance of the duration of the course and should that play a role in university selection?
Also what is the MSBA batch size at UTA?

Thank you so much for your response.

Congratulations Ajaib ! Was curious to know if you applied for the Spring Admission.

How can one put their MS years to the best use to get good jobs abroad?

My GRE score is 160 in quant and 136 in verbal. I got 65 % in Btech in CS. I want to study business analytics…can i get admission in a good US college?
Any tips to make my profile strong to increase my chances of getting admission in a US college.

What is the scope of MS in Business Analytics? What are the popular job profiles and top companies should one apply for after finishing the degree

Hi Shreya,
Are there any differences between new courses like MS in BA, Machine Learning and traditional courses like CS or Mechanical? Is it more difficult to get jobs if you take a non-traditional course?
And does ranking of colleges actually matter in getting a job? I heard from some people that ranking does not matter much in the US

Posting it on a student’s behalf
Is it necessary to have work experience for pursuing the course you studied?

Please evaluate my sis profile…she couldnt attend
GRE ( 310 ) : Quant ( 163 ) , Verbal ( 147 ) , AWA (3 )
TOEFL : 109
UG CGPA : 7.6 / 10
PG (MBA) CGPA : 8.2 / 10
No research publication

Hey Shreya,

Can you suggest some professor name who taught you Marketing Analytics, and Supply Chain Analytics

Thanks for your response Shreya…
I hav a follow up question…
Saw ur profile…Your backgrond is chemical engg…did you face problems while transitioning to the current field…if yes…how did you overcome it?

Thanks for you response to my previous question.

Just to be on the safer side, what other colleges apart from UTA would you recommend for MSBA?