US universities with late application deadlines (march mid or april)?

Hello everyone, I am applying to ms in cs with GPA(8.06), GRE(322,169Q,153V) and IELTS 8. Can you please suggest some safe or medium univeristies having deadlines in March End or April?
Thank you

Hi @mohith01

With the scores you’ve mentioned, following are some relevant universities where you can apply for the course of MS in CS :-

You can also do this for yourself and get to know the suitable universities according to your score by clicking on this link - Profile Evaluation for MS in US | Free Admit Predictor Tool | GyanDhan

Not to miss that to enhance your chances for the best universities, write a sound SOP, acquire a good LOR from your professors/managers. Besides, adding relevant projects or work experience can also become a plus point for you.
All the best!