Urgent f-1 visa status help and advice required!

Hey! So the situation is that I am an international undergrad transfer student, transferring in the Summer; the thing is I am admitted UTD and because of misinformation and mistakes from the university’s side, I have a gap of a semester before my classes.

I was to transfer in Summer 24, but due to misinformation, I tried to defer to Fall 24 and was told I would have to problem with the Registrar’s Office. BUT after contacting the International Student Association, I was told that this is a violation of my F-1 Visa status, and I have two options.

1st option, I need to get back my admission for Summer 24 ASAP and take the classes again. I should be fine, but the admission deadline has already passed, and the final date to do anything is the 12th of June. There is no way to contact this department other than email which takes 2–3 days to reply back. I have emailed the Registrar’s office and told them the situation. I really pray to god that they quickly resolve this issue…

2nd option is I go back to my country (India), have a new SEVIS record, and get back to the US by the 20th of July something. BUT I need to contact my embassy to know if re-entry is allowed or not… I have a fairly okay-ish GPA (3.4), and I think I will be allowed back. I need to know if the second option is safe or not… Is it allowed? Is it safe? Please let me know if any of you have any ideas… PLEASE!

Dear Student
This is a very case specific question. Our highest recommendation would be to wait for the response by registrar’s office. Many a times due to special circumstances, exceptions are placed out.

Besides that, you may also check with embassy keeping your other option open.