UNT Dropping Course

Hi! So I’m panicking a little ( a lot) because I dropped a class since it was just too much for me. I am on financial aid (fafsa) and I am now below 12 hours ( I am at 11) and I thought it would drop with a W and my financial aid wouldn’t be impacted… but my dumbass didn’t think to check the calendar BEFORE I dropped the class so now I can’t register for classes and since I dropped before the W apparently my financial aid will be impacted… I am not sure on what to do now since I can’t enroll in any classes now. Can anyone help ?

You’ll have to take a summer class to make up for it

what type of course is it? there’s 8 week courses for the second half of the semester at unt and you can take one at a community college. I did this for 2 semesters at a cc and I just had to fill out a form that said I was concurrently enrolled and I received the rest of my aid.

However your best bet would be calling the financial aid office and telling them your situation.

I kinda did the same thing a few semesters back, but I also dropped a few weeks before the official drop date. I had to take a summer class to make up for it, just how some others said. Did you talk to financial aid? it depends on the staff member, but they’ve always been super helpful. Hope you get that fixed!

I had 9 hours last semester and my aid wasn’t impacted. I thought UNT considered full time as 9hours

Can it be at a community college ? @onlyoneof

Hi ! And I will actually visit the financial aid office today to get this solved as soon as possible. I was planning on taking a summer course anyways so I am not too worried about that. Thank you!

Online it says full time is 9 hours for graduates… I’m an undergraduate

@Riii_Yaar Depends on the class

:person_shrugging: my aid wasn’t effected with 9 hours and I have pell and Texas grant. I got the full amount.

Okay thanks ! Did you take a summer class? @mo_a_hit_thin

@Riii_Yaar Nope. First semester ever last year